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Chatty Cathy

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We have a beautiful orange male cat..neutered.....Love it to bits....problem is that FreddyCheddar (his name) mews excessively.....It is a friendly meow. but it does not stop for days....It meows all day and all night for about a period of one week, sometimes less sometimes more.... I have reacted to him by feeding him...but later realized that was not what he needed...well now he is a bit overweight, my fault.
We found him as a stray and fixed him up and he is doing great, but I am wondering if the people that had him before kicked him out because of the meowing....( I know someone owned him before because he was already fixed)
It is overwhelming at times and I have to put him outside....(he is an outdoor/indoor cat)..Sometimes I wonder if I can handle it...no sleep for days.
He is extremely affectionate and very very passive, he loves to play..He is the perfect cat in every way. But the meowing is crazy....I think he is a sucky cat who wants attention at all times..
What should i do? another cat maybe...
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

how old is your cat? Is he a senior? When was the last time he was at the vet? Sometimes excessive meowing/howling can indicate a medical problem.
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My cat is 1 yr old..was at the vet in October..He is healthy.....has all his vet requirements...
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Another cat would definitely help, I think. A spayed female that's about eight or nine months old would be the best age/gender for him. That way she's ready to play!!

It won't stop his meowing completely, though, fair warning. I had a female kitty once that was like this. I got a kitten to keep her company, and though it DID improve her wanting to meow all the time, she still would go into the kitchen every now and then and howl just to hear her own voice. She always had so much to tell me! It was cute...but at times just plain too much. So I know how you feel.

So, in essence, a friend for him would definitely help (as one that age would want his attention and distract him), but won't stop it completely.

Let us know how things go!
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Isabelle has this problem. It drives me nuts. I read up on it on various websites and the consensus was to ignore the cat when he meows and reward him with lots of fun, play, attention, yummy food- whatever they are craving- when they aren't meowing. I'm going to try this myself. Isabelle usually does it because she was wet food, but I can't afford to give her more than one can a day. She meows like crazy. I'm going to try to give her wet food when she isn't paying attention, so that she isn't meowing when she gets it. She won't get any when she does meow. She'll just go on forever, until she gets what she wants. She has me trained!!! Cats are like toddlers in this regard. If they find something that works they keep doing it.
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