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Sunflower had babies! I have onlyposted here a few times, but have been reading with interest. Last night, I checked on her in the bathroom about 1:30am -- she was on her back in the sink (she loves having her tummy rubbed) -- NO signs of anything happening.

About 4am, I heard a meow on the baby monitor. Nothing else. When I checked on her at 6:30 this morning, she looked up at me (she was in her nest box, thank goodness -- not the sink) and smiled -- with 4 dry little babies nursing! They all seem healthy so far -- all the umbilical cords look good, all the babies seem vigorous and Sunflower is purring and padding.

Just to remind everyone, Sunflower is a foster kitty (we have 4 cats of our own) and she is *very* young -- the vet estimates 6 months. I was really worried that she would have trouble delivering -- but apparently Mother Nature gave her a helping hand!

I haven't tried to check the gender of the kittens or change out the nest box yet -- I want to make sure she is done (I think she is). But I am so thankful she had an easy time!

Thanks for all the advice so far -- I am sure I will be needing more! Right now, I am just in heaven.


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That is wonderful that Momma and babies are all doing well. It is wonderful that you are fostering this little girl.
They are all adorable! I look forward to more updates!!
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I love how the second one in has his paw firmly clamped on the head of the first kitty. He's certainly determined to keep his spot.
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They are beautiful. Mom did a great job
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Well, it's 2pm and no more babies -- I think Sunflower is done.
I weghed the kittens, took a pic so I could label the picture (and keep up with which kitten is which by number...). I thought I would share the pics -- the last ones for a while. THe kittens weigh 4oz, 3.25oz, 3.25oz, and 3oz. The 4 oz one is the black and white one and he/she is the most aggressive!
thanks for all the well wishes -- I hope things continue to go smoothly.
new pics:

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AWWW newborns, they are so adorable, and mama looks so happy!
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Wow mom looks thrilled and happy. The babies are cute and a good weight.
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That last pic of mum and the babies is just adorable. She looks like a happy mum! Good luck with the babies
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They are absolutely adorable! And everyone looks so happy and healthy. Congrats to the Mom and you!

I also noticed that cute little paw on the other's head...I love when do that. It is so funny.

And those pictures are wonderful! I'm so glad you took them while they were int he box with Mom facing away from the camera. Although I believe that a lot of interraction is good, I'm not one that thinks they should be taken from the Mom to do it until their eyes open, and I don't think taking them away from Mom to take pictures and subjecting them to the light is good for their still-developing eyes. So I've done exactly what you did, take a few pictures while they were with Mom, and usually nursing so it didn' bother them.

They look absolutely wonderful. I'd put dibs on one myself if my apartment wasn't already filled to the brim with kitties. lol

Good luck with them, and my kudos to their mom who did a great job in spite of her age!

Did you name them yet?
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itty bitty little kittys awwww
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I just wanted to give everyone an update on Sunflower's kittens. At 4 days old, they are all doing really well! They all weigh between 5.5 and 6.5 oz. (from birthweights of 3-4oz) and seem to be happy little things. Sunflower, though very young herself, is just a perfect little mama. She watches with interest when I weigh the kittens, but purrs the whole time and never shows any sign of worry. She is doing well so far, too -- I am watching them all closely!

It looks like we have 1 little boy and 3 girls, though it would be more accurate to say that we definitely have 1 boy... maybe more... LOL

I love cats!
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I was gonna take a guess that your black and white one was a girl (only one showing any sign of daddies colour!). All the others look just like momma (who is gorgeous!). My foster momma (tabby), had 2 tabbies (one boy, one girl) and one black and white (girl).
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