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Kitten wetting the bed

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Hello! I am new to the group. I have a new kitten that is 8 weeks old. She uses the litterbox during the day! However at night she wets our bed SO does anyone out there have and suggestions about how I can get her to go in her litterbox at night time?
Thank you!
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there is a sticky about how to fix this..

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A couple questions...

Where do you have her litterbox in relation to where your bed is?

Kittens under the age of about four months will have accidents...mainly because they're still learning when to listen to their body telling them they need to "go". It would be a good idea to have a few litterboxes around the house, that way if she's not listened to her body's warning signs that she's gotta go, she's always close to a litterbox. I would suggest having a box right by the bed at night.

For her age, you can easily just purchase the smaller litterboxes (about $5 each) to put around the house, and as she ages, you can steadily take one or two away here or there. You might want to purchase one that's just a plain box that's normal size to keep around in case you need a second one, but for now, I would get the smaller ones. I'm not sure of the exact measurments as far as how many per sq ft or anything, but at least one in each room would be good, and if you have two floors (or more) to your home, put one by the stairs both at the top and at the bottom.

If you put the box by the bed, and she still wets the bed, put her in her box to remind her it's there. She might forget. She'll get the hang of it, though! It's every cat's natural preference to go in a box.
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Thank you for your reply! I will give it more time. I really want this to work and I was so scared that it was just that she couldnt do it. I will let you all know how it goes tonight.
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Ok, great...hopefully things'll be great! It's all babysteps for kittens, though, so be patient with your babe.

One other thought...you've ruled out anything health-wise, right? I mean, she's been checked out by a vet for general things, right? Just checking...
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I will be taking her to the vet soon for her kitten check up. I hope I know what Im doing. I was proud of her she used the big girl litterbox yesterday. the ones that my other kitties use. I was soooo proud!
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I wanted to let you all know that we had our first dry night! WAHOO
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I spoke to soon. I just dont get it!
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