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Please be gentle--this is my first time

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Hello everyone! What a wonderful forum. I'm so grateful to have stumbled on it. There's so much I want to ask, but this as I said is my first time so I'll make it fairly short.

My husband and I just lost our 15 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and now need to fill this huge hole in our hearts. After taking 3 different tests on the internet to find which breed of cats would be compatible with our life style the results came back as 1. American Shorthair, 2. Bombay, 3. British Shorthair and 4. Snowshoe. I think I've decided on the ASH, but nothing is etched in stone as yet. I would really welcome any and all recommendations as to which breeds you have had experiences with.....and yes I have considered and do have a rescue cat that visits and may do one of each.

We live in a very remote but beautiful coastal area of California and it's almost impossible for me to get to shows to see the various breeds so I'm doing all this via the computer. I've been in contact with some wonderful breeders, but think I need some non-breeder comments as well.

Thanks all for your input and if I don't get back to all personally please know I really appreciate your opinions.

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Most of the cats I've ever owned have been "mutts" but I do have a Persian right now who I love to pieces. I don't think I would ever get another one just because I fell in love with Sampson for his personality not his breed. Plus the coat is a lot of work but I love him so I don't mind.

I'm not familar with breeds of cats but there are other members on the board who have a lot of experience with different breeds and such. What ever you decide on I'm sure you'll love him all the same.
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Welcome to the site! Don't be afraid to ask anything on here. There are so many people with tons of experience with anything to do with cats, and everyone is so nice.

I have two mutt-cats. No idea what went into either of them. I love them both to death (doesn't every pet owner?). They have completely different purrsonalities. Trent is a long haired black kitty who still thinks he's a kitten (he'll be 3 this year). He never gets tired of playing and snuggling. Ophelia is a dainty little black and white short hair who is a one person kitty, very prissy, very demanding. She does have her moments of being lovey, mainly with her Daddy, but she loves to sleep on top of me.

Tell us a little more about yourself so we can maybe give better input. What kind of cat are you looking for, personality, looks, size, etc. We do have a few breeders on the site of different breeds, a few cat show judges, and mainly just a whole lot of us who really love any and all cats.
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Thanks for your replys. Valanhb, I love the looks of the ASH and the BSH and actually had a British many years ago. The only thing I didn't particularly like about him was that he was really much more of a couch potato than I wanted. Beautiful cat but seldom moved. I just want a cat who'll enjoy being loved and petted and one that's a lap sitter. Hopefully he'll be semi active without bouncing off the walls. I want to get two of them so the few times we're not around he'll have someone to play with. I've discounted the orientals since I'm told they are way too active and much too vocal.

As far as looks are concerned, I think a medium to medium large shorthaired with big beautiful eyes and a sweet expression. We'd like boys or rather neutered boys and as far as color goes---just about anything.

This is really a new experience for us or rather an experience we haven't had for a very long time so I don't mind taking my time and researching the breeds. That's half the fun of it though isn't it.

Thanks again all,
Barbara (mupcat)
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I have a Snowshoe, and they are really wonderful! They have big, beautiful, blue eyes, and come in pointed patterns. They are very active cats, they love to play! I've included a picture of our Snowshoe, Mimi!

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Oh Chantelle Mimi is beautiful! I just want to reach out and scratch her tummy. Thanks for showing me her picture. Don't seem to be many Snowshoes out there in cyberland and I know some of the cat organizations don't recognize them yet, but who cares---she's wonderful looking!
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Oh, I can't let this go without bragging about my kitties. I have always had DSH, mostly wandered kittens, but now I have two Siamese. They are so sweet and so bright!! They are both extremely loving, probably the most affectionate cats I have ever had. All kittens, especially when there are two, will chase one another and knock things over. Get some museum gel for under your knick-knacks, and sit back and laugh. That's half the fun. I would never have only one cat. When they get older, they could walk around and through the most expensive collectibles and not touch a one; they are so agile and in control of their movement. However, I would not take chances. Even with adults, accidents happen, especially when one is chasing his playmate.
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I do not really know much about breeds ; but I've been told that Norwegian Forrestcats are also good for a region like yours !

Do you have a shelter for home-less pets nearby ? It would also be great to rescue a cat from there ; who knows you fall in love-at-first-sight ... !

Good luck !!! And ....... post pictures as soon as you have your sweetie !!
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Thanks Sydney, Think those are long haired cats and I'm really interested in the short hair versions. Yes, there is a wonderful Humane Society and I do have a call into them to let me know when they get "someone" in that I might like. I'd go over there, but I know what'll happen----I'll want all of them, so best I just wait and see who'll turn up. Barbara "Mupcat"
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Just wanted to say welcome!

And don't forget to check out our links by breeds section. You can find links to rescue organizations that specialize in certain breeds, as well as links to catteries.

Best of luck!
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Thanks Anne for the welcome!

I'll check those sites. I've used the dog breed rescue sites before so I'm surprised I didn't think of it for the cats......Oh Duh!!!!
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