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Considering adopting a kitten

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I've never been a mom to a kitten before. Both of my cats, Kipling (now deceased) and Tabitha came to me as adult rescue cats. However I've been asked whether i'd be able to give a home to a kitten and I think i'd really like to. There are only two in the litter (born four days apart, how odd is that?) and the mum is part feral. I'm going to visit them next week when they will be four weeks old. Is there anything I should look out for when i visit? Signs that they're not healthy etc.
Also, I've read up on how to introduce a kitten gradually to my resident cat and i don't think that should be a problem. Tab has mixed with other cats in the past before she came to me. However Tab has never been vaccinated. She was 11 when i adopted her and the vet said he didn't think there was any point in starting vaccinations at that age. Could this be a problem when i introduce another cat into the house? I suppose i could keep them seperate until kitty has had her first shots.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hello!! How exciting that you may be adopting a kitten.
How old are they? I would recommend not taking them from their Momma until at least 10 weeks old.
Find out what they are eating, and what litter the owner is using. Do their eyes look clear? Any discharge? Do they have any sneezing? Are they playful when you are there, or do they seem scared? A kitten may be reserved, because you are new, but generally will be curious. Ask the owner about individual personalities. Are you looking for the most outgoing, or the most cuddly. The owner should be able to tell you which kitten would best fit your personality.
When bringing the kitten home, my opinion, is the first stop should always be to the vet. Have your vaccination and worming schedule in hand in case any boosters are needed and have your kitten have a complete check up.
When you get home have a small area, such as a bathroom or bedroom to keep the kitten confined for a few days, with litterbox, food and water. Let your other animals get used to the new smells of the kitten, and let the kitten get used to the smells and sounds of your home. After a few days, begin allowing the kitten out and giving him/her a little more room to explore, always making sure he/she knows how to get back to her food and litter box. Hissing and growling when meeting the other furry family members is to be expected, if fighting does occur, just take a step back and allow for slower introductions. You can also use certain things, to make all the cats/kitten smell the same, such as baby powder, or tuna juice. There is also a product called Feliway, that is may help calm the cats when meeting each other.
Good luck, I look forward to hearing updates.
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thanks for the advice. One kitten is three weeks old today and the other will be three weeks old on Monday. Apparantly mum had a previous litter 6 months ago and one of them stimulated the birth of the first kitten by trying to feed from mum again. She's only managed to get out twice this year and both times has come home pregnant. I don't know why they haven't considered getting her spayed!
I'm hoping for a cuddly cat lol. Tab lets me pet her but is very reserved. I really miss my big fat cuddly Kipling who used to love to snuggle. The owner doesn't know what sex the kittens are yet as she hasn't wanted to disturb them by taking a look. I'm not sure if that means that their mom is more feral than she's letting on but i guess we'll find out next friday. My neighbour is also very interested in adopting the other kitten which would be lovely as we can watch them grow up together. I'd love to adopt them both but the house really isn't big enough for three cats.
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I think this is a great thing to do. I wish you well. Please let us know what you decide. We love pictures.
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If the mom is a ferel where are the kittens? Inside or outside? If everyone is outside its best to get those kittens earlier then normal - like about 6 weeks old - only because if you wait longer they will be harder to catch and tame.

Our barn cats would be taken inside at 5/6 weeks and locked in the bathroom with the mother cat to tame them. Otherwise you would never be able to catch the kittens later.
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It's ok, they're inside. I'm hoping the current owner will let them stay with their mum as long as neccessary. I was reading that it should be 12 weeks? Of course I'd love to have him / her at home at 8 weeks but i want to do what's best for kitty. Should a feral kitten leave its mum sooner?
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