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new mother-a few questions!

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i have had a search on here for some advice but not really found anythign about this.
queen gave birth to a litter of 4 kittens yesterday between 6-8pm.

i found her at 8.30ishpm, all 4 kittens were dry and the placentas were gone. one had a bit left but it had already started to dry out.
i moved the kiteens to a safer area, checked i had all the kittens and let them all rest.
queen has been up and about today in the room for a stretch, seems fien in her self, acting as normal.
she is nursing the kittens and cleaning them. is eating and drinking liek it is going out of fashion.
i picked the queen up and she feels and sounds liquidly. under her belly, is this the milk?

her belly is still quite hard and large, she isnt running a temperature, she has no real discharge, she looks very relaxed and happy. looks bright and alert. her mucus membranes are a healthy pinbk colour and all 4 kittens are looking plump and pink.

will her stomach go down eventually, or could there still be more kits inside her?

i cant feel kicks, her tummy does sound sqelchy when i push it.
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She might or might not be done, but you should ask a vet if ever in doubt. Please post a update.
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im taking her to the vets in the next 20 mins. she seems ok in her self and the kittens are doing fine. i just dont want to take any risks.

ill keep you updated.
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Always a good idea. My guess is that you are feeling her uterus. Or possibly some fecal matter. But it's always good to make sure. Retained placentas can cause infection.
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My momma was the same way for several days. She is now skinny again, except for her sloshy boobs She just gave me that "look who's talking " look.
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well her appointment is within the next hour now, as they had a few emergencies and said that it was best to go a bit later so i am not hanging round.

her stomach has gone down a bit now. i gave it a good squeeze and i cant feel anything in there. i think she had some wind but it has been passed, becasue when i squeezed her belly she passed some wind.

she still seems fine, just keeps panting every so often.

at the moment we are weighing up the stress of taking her to the vets. vet said to bring her in just in case, but di dnot feel it sounded liek an emergency.
it was really to check that she had nothign left. however she was not in pain when i squeezed her tummy.and after the passing of wind she seemed more comfortable.
she does look tired. im thinking the panting was due to her being full of wind from the kitten food she has been wolfing down,.and the kittens being very rougth with her nipples and pushing in to her tummy.

i will have to take a taxi to the vets and back as i dont drive.
and wondering now what to do for the best.
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Let us know how the vet visit goes. Also I would think the kittens pressing on her tummy would help her pass wind not prevent it. I could be wrong. Please keep us posted.
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it was wind!
the rich kitten food she has been wolfing down has given her wind. and the kittens pressing on her bloated tummy was making her feel uncomfortable. she had a walk around and passed the wind herself, and is a lot better now!
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Sorry I think I just misunderstood it.
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hey not to worry!
in my panic i just didnt explain myself properly.
mom and babies have had a comfortable evening. i just said goodnight and left her to sleep.
been reheating the rice heaters all day for the kittens. and been massarging mollys back and tummy to ease her wind. she really enjoyed it.
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If she's eating, seems happy and healthy, is taking good care of the babies, is responding to your petting her, doesn't seem to be in pain, not still trying to push or bear down, but instead walking a bit, my guess is she's filled with milk and air

HOWEVER, I woud suggest just keeping a close watch. It's normal to have a little bit of a red blood discharge for a few days after giving birth. If you see any discharge that seems discolored, and/or has a bad smell, I would then get her to a vet pronto.

I'd' watch her stool for blood, make sure she's going to the bathroom okay.

I'm a believer that sometimes the stress of removing her right now could be detrimental.

If you see anything specific that makes you concerned, like a dark discharge with an odor, then get her seen by a vet. Or if you see her brying to bear dopwn more and nothing happens...

Otherwise it seems you don't see anyting that concerns you and she's taking good care... I'd watch extra carefully over the next few days and see what happens.
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the vet did come out, i paid for a house call, although he dosnt live that far from me and so did not charge extra than a normal consaltation fee. he agreed it was best not to disturb her by moving her. he was happy it was just wind , and did not want to give her a pain killer to ease the discomfort as he felt that once she passed the wind,(which she did a lot when he palpatated her tummy) she woudl feel a lot better.
she has passed a lot of wind over night and is a lot better today. her tummy looks better and is softer to touch. she is at least got milk there as the kittens are thriving. and are sleeping well between feeds, meaning molly can have a little walk around and ease off the gas. i think she has the idea now.
its funny watching the little kittens scrabble over the teats.
we have 2 calico girls and 2 black and white boys.
we do plan on keeping them all. getting them all fixed and ensuring they have a life long home with us. all our cats are vaccinated , insured and wormed.

molly is being a very good mother to them.
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