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Silly kitties!

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I just had to share this. We were laughing so hard! :laughing2: Besides, I know we all like telling stories about our little angels!

Today at lunch, hubby was eating Ramen noodles, winding the noodles up on his fork. Trent just couldn't take his eyes off of the noodles! He was so confused. He couldn't tell if it was food or string to play with. He would come up and sniff it, decide it was food, then watch Earl wind up another fork full and decide it was a toy. We fully expected him to start batting at the noodles (he even had his paw up to do this one time!) or just jump right in the bowl.

Hmmm, it doesn't sound as funny when I write it as when it happened. The visual was hilarious! :LOL:
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Next time, take pictures! LOL
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My kitty, Wispa, is just the greediest kitten in the world, not contented with scooping noodles out of my bowl, she pulled on a bit that was half in my mouth until she had the lot... Sometimes i feel like i should cook them whatever i'm eating but then they'd only want mine
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My husband would sometimes run to McDonald's for a cheeseburger for each of us after the little ones went to bed--kind of a special time for us-- but he never got to eat all of his because of the poor, starving kitty beggars. He put his foot down--on the gas pedal, that is, to go back and buy 3 cheesburgers from then on. One for him, one for me, and one for guess who?
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:laughing: It IS hard to resist a begging kitty!
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