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About to get my cat spayed

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Hi everyone!
Well on Friday my cat is getting spayed. I have a question. The receptionist said no food or water after 10 pm the night before the surgery. I understand the food part, but will she be ok without water for all that time? All my other cats were able to have water up until an hour before the surgery.

Thanks for all your help in advance! I've had cats with my family, but this is my fiance and I's first cat together and I'm kinda nervous with her getting her first major procedure done and I just want to make sure I do everything right.

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I know with my two they had to have their food removed at 8.p.m the day before but they could have water, but that had to be removed at 7.am the morning of their operation.

Maybe have another word with your vet just to make sure.
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It really depends on what time your cat is getting spayed.
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They gave me the same instructions when I had Murphy nuetered. I put all the food and water up at bedtime, and took him in the next morning around 9.
I have 2 cats and they were both fine Chichi was a little upset about it but she was ok. So they were both without for about 10 hours, Murphy a little longer because of his surgery. Don't worry, your kitty will be just fine give her a nice meal when she comes back home
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They will be fine without food and water. They do not want anything on the stomach before surgery. Your kitty will be ok.
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I only had to take food away, not water. I know with humans you are allowed water as well.
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I was told to take food away, but not water. However, she did wind up peeing on herself post-op. Poor thing.

I would follow the advice of your vet though. She'll be fine without water for a day.
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Every clinic has a different policy. In general, cats digest quickly so 12 hours is probably overly cautious. In general, for a cat over 6 months of age you should take the food away before you go to bed - whenever that is. They can still have water. For kittens under 6 months, take away the food before you go to bed but then give them a very small meal of canned food early the morning of surgery - like 1/4 of a Fancy Feast sized can. This is because young kittens are prone to hypoglycemia if they are stressed and go too long without food.
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I would definitely go with the vet's recommendation. Why take any chances? My vet said no food after 6pm and no water after midnight. April Joy had her surgery in the morning.
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Thanks all for the advice!
I am going to make sure she eats really good today and keep her hydrated, and then take away the food and water at 10 just as they told me too just to be on the safe side. Her surgery is pretty early, 8 am, and then she comes home at 3 the same day so I'll just make sure she gets a good meal and some snuggles when she gets home
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First I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful advice yesterday! She had her surgery this morning and came home at 3, but I'm worried. First she had herself hid in this tiny spot all day. She finally came out, but she won't drink any water, so I can't even attempt to feed her some food. We got pain meds for her which I'm going to give her in a little bit. She also seems very congested, which the vet said is normal, but I'm not sure when it's supposed to go away. I'm worried that she isn't drinking. Also, is she allowed the lick the suture area at all? or is the area completely off limits? I know it must be really itchy and painful for her.

Thanks in advance so much!! I'm such a newbie at this, but I just want to do what's best for my lil girl
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