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One Life Down - Eight to Go!!!

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Buddy is one lucky cat.

After being struck by a car and left for dead, Buddy had the good fortune of being picked up off the road by Good Samaritans Jonny and Lauren Otto of Stafford, VA. The Ottos, who had witnessed the incident, whisked Buddy off to an emergency vet and saved his life.

While Buddy had no broken bones, he had suffered some damage to his spine. For now he can't use his back legs, but the Ottos and their vet are hoping that will improve as the swelling subsides (and he is taking daily Prednisone to help with that).

Lauren describes Buddy as "a sweet, sweet cat who is very loving. And there is nothing that tugs at the heartstrings more than watching him pull himself over to sit with you!"

Because of his spinal cord injury, Buddy is incontinent and requires regular _expression of his bladder. He is an excellent patient, however, and repays his caretakers' kindness with a loving and gentle demeanor - he's even docile at the vet's office!!

Buddy enjoys being cuddled on his back and will stretch out to have his tummy rubbed. He really likes kneading and "face time," which involves him rubbing his head against your face.

The Ottos already have a house full of kitties, so they are looking for someplace where Buddy can get more of the one-on-one attention he needs.

If you know of a GREAT home that would love having unlimited "face time" with Buddy, please contact the Ottos directly at 540-288-3228 or at uguys.hey@verizon.net.
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I will keep my eyes and ears open and pass the #
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} for Buddy's healing and for finding a loving, forever home very, very soon!! And may the good Lord bless the Ottos and their kitties & other family for being so caring!!
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