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We Got The Job!!!!

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FINALLY! It's done! It only took WEEKS of going back and forth on the stupid contracts, but we've all gotten to the place where we're good with the wording, the structure, etc. etc. etc.

We're going back to work for pay!

AND.... talk about the tides turning (KNOCK WOOD, KNOCK WOOD, KNOCK WOOD) - the guy who was our largest customer has been unemployed since last November. He got a great job offer (15 minutes after we finalized the contract with our new firm) - and he's starting on Monday!

....and.... as to Gary's Cluster Headaches. He has to detox off all the supplements, herbs, and other meds he's taking in order to start a new medication Saturday. And for the first day since the beginning of March, he hasn't had a full-blown attack yet today! On a scale from 1 - 10, he's had a "2" all day with "twinges" spiking up to 4 or 5 - both of which are totally manageable vs. the 8s, 9s, and 10s he's been getting at least 3x/day.

(To get a sense of how much pain he's been in, just bear in mind that according to the Cleveland Clinic, Cluster Headaches are 100x more painful than any migraine).

AND.... it's been over 2 months since Tuxedo had his last shot of depomedril (sp?) - and he is still "Mr. Pink Nose" - and he is still "Mr. Active" - so (again, knock wood), Tuxie will likely still need these long acting steroid shots, but from a kitty that had to go to the vet every day for months and for whom there was "no real hope," he is back to alpha and still obviously cranking out those red blood cells. GO TUXIE GO!


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It's real if you just posted it. I'm so glad things are going better for you!!!
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Laurie, I'm SO thrilled for you guys!! Finally a rose bud emerges from the garden of weeds.
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is wonderful for you....very and husband carry very interesting story of life...
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Great to hear! Best wishes to both of you for your new job!

Also, I'm really glad to hear that Gary's cluster headaches are more tolerable.
It could be one of the meds that was causing it! I had a roommate in college that would get terrible migraines (rush to the ER for the morphine shot type of migraines) and I knew it was because she was on all sorts of mediciations. They were mainly being used to "fix" a side effect of the other. I toldher to get a new doctor

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What great news ! I am so happy everything is going well for you!
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Congratulations! It's definitely happy dance time. I'm so glad for you and Gary that things are finally working out!
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Laurie, you have every reason to do the happy dance!!!
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This deserves a Big Dance only for you Laurie!!!.....
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I knew when the time was right, things would turn around Laurie. I just always hate waiting for the 'right' time to arrive!
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I am thrilled to hear the news Laurie! You guys really deserve a good break. I hope that this new medicine Gary will start will be exactly what he needs, the poor dear. I can't even begin to begin to imagine the pain he's been living with on a constant basis!
Good news even for the kits as well? Fantastic! Can this get any better!! Woohoo!
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I managed to miss this thread - congratulations!
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Awesome news all around!!
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