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Growth On Paw Pad!!???!!

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Hello Everyone,

I have a cat, Mr. Kitty (original eh?). I have no clue what breed he is, except that we think he is part Mancoon(sp) because he has the trademark 'M' on his forehead and his size. He is almost 14 pounds.

He was declawed a while back, he is completely healed and has been for months now - but a few weeks ago I noticed a 'growth' on his paw pad. It is only on one pad, he isn't in any pain at all when I touch it. He doesn't even seem to notice it is there.

I looked on the net for answers and I found two things, horned paw pad - but only one site with reference to it and I also found something about the declawing not done right and having the nail grow through the paw pad. It also says that the latter is painful - but he isn't in any pain.

Any suggestions or more info on horned paw pad syndrome?


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Because he has been declawed, I would get him to the vet. Just to play it safe.
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I agree with taking him to the vet... definitely the best bet
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I called the vet - they said tat since it doesn't hurt him there is nothing to worry about. I hate just letting it go, but I guess I will have to?
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Welcome to the site!

I am sorry I don't have info to share, but if you feel nervous about it the vet should let you make an appointment. I can't imagine them refusing to see Mr. Kitty just because they don't feel it warrants a visit by a description you give them over the phone...
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I would take him in.
How does the vet know that it isn't hurting? Cats are experts at hiding their pain, it's part of their survival instinct.

As for horny toes on declaws, the only time I have ever seen this, it has always been on the back toes of a 4 paw declaw.
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My thought is maybe to call another vet's office for a second opinion?
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I wouldnt just let it go either... I really do find it strange that they'd tell you to not worry about it... I would DEFINITELY at least call another vet or two to get their view on the situation...
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