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Neighbors had a fire, kittys were lost

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Last night was a sad one for my neighborhood, where I have only lived 6 months. I was watching TV (Cops) and realized the sirens I heard were from outside. I looked outside and saws tons of sirens and smelled smoke, and could see it across the way. I went outside and saw my neighbors cat Lucky running towards his house. His owners and I walked over and saw that a house had smoke pouring out, and the firefighters had just gone in. Another neighbor said that the lady who lived there is going through a divorce, has two kids, health problems, and she just saw her leaving to pick up her kid from girl scouts. She also mentioned that they had two outside/indoor cats that she hoped were out. There were fire trucks from 5 different depts. The fire was put out, and the family came home.
Well, a coworker of mine (volunteer fire fighter) was one of the first on the scene. He said that no one was home (thank god) but that they found both of the cats and the pet bunny. There was a tremendous heat in the house, and everything was melted. RIP little angels. What a terrible tragedy for this family.
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Oh how heartbreaking.
RIP little ones.
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Oh my, that is really awful for the family. RIP little buddies
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Oh good grief thats terrible!

RIP little ones and suffer no more
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Oh my goodness, how terrible. What an awful time for the family, having lost possessions in a fire and also their little babies.
Rest in peace little kitties and bunny.
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How sad for that family to lose their home and their beloved pets. They are in my prayers. RIP sweet ones.
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RIP little angels
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Such a tragic story. Prayers to the family and RIP, kitties and little bunny.
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RIP sweet babies. Thoughts and prayers to the family that has not only lost their home but their pets/family members too.
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I am so sorry for this family. I pray that someone there will pitch in and help this woman. Lord knows she needs it.
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ohno what a tragedy

RIP sweet ones
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Thanks y'all. I don't know this lady personally but the neighbor that knew her said she could stay at her house, and according to the local paper they stayed with family that night. I just feel badly. Although I find any tragedy sad, when it happens so close it bothers you more. I don't know what I would do if something like that happened!
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That is just so awful. Is there any way you and a few of the neighbors can help pitch in to replace belongings lost? That might give you a chance to offer condolences on the kitties, too. I imagine they have many people who discount their feelings about losing the cats, in the face of such a big tragedy...but they may be having a lot of trouble dealing with it!

My heart goes out to the family...may the kitties rest in peace...
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Awwww that is really really really heatbreaking!
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