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we have babies!

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i came home from taking the dogs out, and was just about to put my little girl to bed. molly had full run of upstairs, and was being shut in the bathroom at night. i noticed she was lying under my little girls bed as usual, with my castrated male. only i could see simethign on her stomach, and on closer inspection she had 4 little babis all clean and dry, with placentas removed and suckling. she had done it all by her self. and it looks liek my male buddy was standing guard.
he was washing molly's rear end and washing the carpet up from where she had birthed.

molly is now permanatly in the bathroom, with her babies, she looks as pleased as punch and is a very doting mummy!

i have some pictures. witch i will post a bit later.

so far it looks liek 3 queens and a tom. 2 are tortioseshell, 2 are black and white. one looks just like molly.

i have lined the cuboard with lamb wool, and have put in a rice sock. molly has her litter tray, water and kitten food , both wet and dry . she has been very hungry. i have been feeding her by hand as she is sucklign her babies.

tonight will be her first night with them and tomorrow hopefully she will be a bit more relaxed with them. at the moment everytime they make a sqeek she is licking them straight away and moving making sure she isnt lying on them.

what a good girl.
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CONGRATS!! I'm glad everything went so smoothly for her..I'm super excited to see the pics of the little ones I just love torties!!
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Congradulations! My cat's a torite. they are so very beautiful (but they have quite the little attitude!) Sounds like Mom is doing a good job! I cant wait to see pictures!
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Congratulations!!! To your new mama cat and their stepdad???LOL -GOOD LUCK
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Congrats! They know exactly what to do and they do it without our help The main thing is that everyone is safe and healthy.

On a side note: KittyCity, how did you make the banner with all your cats?
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Congratulations on the 4 new little wonders!
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molly and babies had a comfortable night. all 4 babies are looking plump and pink, and are making plenty of suckling and sqeeking noises

she has been toiletting them and keeping them clean.
she had been up in the night for a meal, but as of yet her litter tray is empty. i remember it was a few days after i had my daughter intill i had a bowel movement . so im guessing its normal.
molly has been vocal to me as usual. she welcmoes me when i come in to see her, and starts to purr like mad when i fuss her. i just put another rice sock in.

i plan on keeping all the babies. having the queens spayed when they are old enougth. and mum once the babies are old enougth to go with out her for a day.

that will mean i will have 7 cats and 3 dogs !
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Congratulations! All the best for mum cat and the new additions
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is it normal for the queen to still look as big as she did when pregnant?
her tummy still looks big and is quite hard. not floppy.

also do the queens leave there babies for short times?
i went in to see her and she was relaxing outside the nest. the babies were all asleep by the rice sock , all nice nad warm. she did run back to them when they started to cry.
she keeps tryign to get back into the room she had them in.

im being firm with her.
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PUSSYGALORE: It is normal for the mama cat to leave the kittens for a short time as long as she is still caring for them when needed...Also her stomach still may be big so no need to worry as long as she is acting normally(eating,going to the bathroom)Please keep us updated!

AMY:Actually someone on here made this banner for us...she said she used Photoshop Elements by Adobe! If you have any questions about it you can contact AbbysMom she is the one that made it for us!
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