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I had to let her go

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Tuesday April 18 2006 Casmo left.

last year August 20th Casmo got shot. 6 bulets were left inside her fragile body. since that day she has been paralyzed from they say "love blinds" i could not bring myself to puting her down so i loved and cared for her for 8 months. the stress on me and my family was geting greater and greater forcing me to face the harsh truth.
Casmo was unable to control her blader therefore she was to wear a diaper 24/7
her bed (that she shares with our dogs)smells like pee.
she and the dogs were abondoned to the kitchen.
Casmo hated her baths, having her diaper changed and above all she couldnt keep up with cleaning herself.
my ten month old sister puts everything she can get her hands on in her mouth this environment was just not hygenic enough for her.
When i told Casmo i wanted to put her down she seemed even hapier than before so did i
i had not cried until two days before the apointment
once at the vet i started to doubt if i had made the right decision i felt Casmo was nervous but i did not say anything
when she started falling asleep she did not look at me she looked away afterwards this broke my hart she did not close her eyes
when it hapened my eyes only started to water nothing more, but once in the car peting her breathless body the tears started to come down
we buried her body and floyd's in my back yard
this morning was just so hard i'm used to seeying her big amber eyes staring into mine and hearing her hoarse voice beging for food and she just wasnt there... and she never came.
floyd is my sisters rat who over the past few months had become very ill
at the last minute my sister decided to bring her along as it turned out she had breast cancer poor little one

-teusday April 18 2006 *** the day Casmo's soul parted from her body-
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Sorry to hear this. RIP Casmo
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I followed your journey when sweet Casmo was shot.
At last your baby is at peace.
Until you meet again...RIP darling Casmo.
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May Casmo forever rest in peace.
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What a beautiful little girl she is as well But bless her little heart what an awful thing that was to happen to her

Play happily over the bridge Casmo, until you see everyone who loved you again
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Casmo.
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Such a sad story. RIP Casmo, no more hurties. Live happy and free over the Bridge.
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RIP Casmo. are waiting with open arms.
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thanx for all the replies

and thank you to everyone that helped us out when casmo got shot it means alot to me and i'm sure it did to casmo

and my sisters you wouldn't believe what they did for me
they got me a hart neclace the colour of casmo's eyes and a frame with her paws imprinted in sand with her name engraved in it.
Timmy wrote me the sweetest leter along with 3 poems about losing a pet in
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i know it doesnt feel like it but you made the right decision. Casmo is healthy once again and running around. You made such an unselfish decision to help her pass with diginty.

What a beautiful gift from your sisters

RIP sweet one
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I'm very sorry to hear about precious Casmo..RIP little friend.
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I see small kittens looking skyward,
gazing at the raining snow
I see them jumping but not reaching far enough
To fall and jumping up to try again
I see innocent souls playing
in the yard joining each other
enjoying the dancing butterfly
perhaps to highlight a rainbow in the distance
searching and running for the elusive
firefly flitting about the darkness
I see pain taking them all away
as the grim reaper has used his scythe
cutting down the lives and inflicting
pain and hurt and tears and anger
and shock and untold questions
that haunt us so that we must find the
different ways to ease the pain;
that we had to put them down

tears enough to fill the river Styx
to help them cross into the realms of death
and over the rainbow bridge
as we pray for them while we express our love
for those taken away.... innocent kittens of memory all
sleeping in the hands of God
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thank you so much felton for that beautifull poem
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arrr that is soo sad
................................................................................ ......................................................
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I'm so sorry about Casmo; you certainly did all you could for her, the poor baby. My very deepest sympathies to you.
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RIP, little Casmo!

I send you hugs and prayers, for I know this is very hard for you.
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I'm so sorry, you have both been through so much these past months. I hope you become at ease with your decision. Sending prayers for you and your family.
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