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Thoughts, vibes and prayers please

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My mother, for the second time in 18 months, has broken her hip.

The first time she had to have the joint replaced, this time it's the other side, and they think a simple pin may fix things.
Will know more in a couple hours.

My mom does have heart disease though so any surgery is a huge risk, my stepdad, who also has heart disease is probably very stressed, despite the cool facade he puts on.

My folks are snowbirds and live in an RV, this go around, they are now stranded in Fort Mojave AZ for at least 6 weeks.
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Your dear Mother will be in my prayers.
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Thank you.
I wish I could be there for her.

I need to find something to send to Mrs Twinkletoes.
Just our way, we try to make light of things, less depressing.
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YIKES! bummer. I hope everything goes ok for your mom. Sending your dad calming vibes and your mom quick recovery vibes!
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I am so sorry

Hopefully it won't be anything major and it will heal quickly.
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Sending many vibes to you and your family. I hope she gets better soon!!
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Prayer and vibes headed out for your Mom.
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Thank you everyone.

My stepdad finally called back.
It is a fairly minor break compared to the last one and will simply be pinned.
They hope to have her up and walking the day of the surgery.
The downside is that because of her heart disease, she was on blood thinners, now they have to wait for her blood to thicken before they can fix her hip.
Last time this took four days, so she's going to be pretty uncomfortable for a bit.
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I hope the surgery goes well. Is the RV their "home" or just for the winter months??? I just thinking of how small the bathrooms are for ease for your mom.
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They are full time RV residents.
The bathroom isn't that bad, they have the celebrity tour bus sized RV with two slide out rooms.
Normally though, they'd be heading north to spend the spring/summer with family.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom....sending many healing vibes
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Your mother is in my prayers.
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Well, my stepdad just called, my mother is in recovery now.
Her surgery was quick and went as expected.
They want her sitting up this evening and walking tomorrow.
Phys. therapy for at least two weeks before they head out on the road.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers.
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That's great news!!
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