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There's several things coming up soon, and I'm having problems with a few of them. My boyfriend is coming over on May 5th (our three years) and we're going to prom, and then he's going home on the 8th. His college graduation is the Saturday after prom, and he wants me to be there, and I really want to be there. I've asked mom several times if I could go, and she kept putting it off, and now she's asking if he can buy my plane ticket, even though he's already bought his for almost $400, and he still has to rent a tux for prom. I'm getting really irritated because she's saying, "I don't have $400 for a plane ticket" and when I considered driving, she's pretty much giving me a no. I'm really upset/angry, because I've been looking forward to this for months, and I'll be really upset if I can't be there, but I'm running out of ideas on how to convince mom to let me go. Does anyone have any ideas? I really really want to be there!