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Cats' Whiskers: What Color Are They?

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Are your kitties' whiskers white or black? Or both? Just curious. Zissou's grow in so that they're white at the ends and black at the bottoms, but every now and then she gets all black ones.
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Sadie & Dexter have long, all white whiskers. :
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Harley's whiskers on the top of his face are black and on the bottom of his face, they are black at the base and then white on the ends
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I have two with all white and one with white/black
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Pixel & Java both have all white whiskers. Cable's are black next to her skin & turn white as you get to the ends. Chip's are mostly black, but he has a few white ones.
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Everyone else here is all white, except for Tilli, who has one black upper whisker.
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Pudge's are white with black bases.
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Ah didn't notice the last option which I hould have voted for!

Mica has white whiskers Rocket has black and white.
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Vash, Trouble, Ivory and Cassi have white whiskers.
Shadow has mostly white, with four whichkers that are black and white.

Spaz has brown, black, and cream with one white whisker.
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Levi & Isaac have totally Gray whiskers (they are my handsome gray men)
Jordan & Maggie have totally white whiskers (they are my white & tabby babies)
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Teufel has totally black
Kaylee has totally white
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I voted white, both bayley and socks' are both white
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Originally Posted by fwan
Teufel has totally black
Kaylee has totally white
BTW, Fwan - great new signature!
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My brown cats have brown whiskas, white cats have white whiskas.
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Eppie's are black and Cosy's are LOOOOONG (it's one of her trademarks) and bright white.
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Crystal and Laura both have white whiskes, but Charlie's are gray, so I voted more than one cat and not the same.
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My cats have a mixture of different coloured wikkas!
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Isabella's are all white (white odd-eyed turkish angora)
Abilene's are all white (Tiger Tabby)
Jasmine's are white,black and torti-color- it's soo cute!(Torti-Point Siamese)
Velvet's are all black (black dsh/ oriental x)
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Hrmn.... well Tosca has totally black whiskers on both sides of her face.... but she also has totally white whiskers above her eyes. Only one on each side though mind..... Shella.... I believe she's got whiskers that are black and grey.....
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well tilly and potty dotty have both got pure white wiskers
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I never knew the whiskers could be grey or brown! GASP!
I should've made more categories! I always thought black whiskers were something that happened as they got older, but Zissou's always had them.

Now, this is weird, but recently the top half of Z's whiskers are black (above the bottom of the nose) and the bottom half are all white. (The eyebrow ones are still all white). Kinda like Harley's.
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