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A Show on Cat Shows

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Tonight on my local PBS station, there is a show called "Standard of Perfection" at 8PM. It is all about preparing cats to participate in the National CFA show. Might wanna check your local listings to see if you can view it.
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Kewl thanks for the heads up
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Darn. If only I'd seen this thread earlier, I would have watched it.
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It repeats throughout the week. It is part one of a two part show and the whole thing is available on DVD.

I got mine saved on TiVo!
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I don't see it
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I watched that show last night. I loved seeing all of the cats. The owners were also...interesting.
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It was a very good program. All the cats were awesome - I especially liked the Maine Coon cats, though the European Burmese was pretty also. Found it very interesting. A must see for all cat lovers/owners, even if you like myself, love and keep DSH kitties.
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I will search again in the morning. Can only go so far
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I want to watch it but can't find it.
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I couldn't find it either, but I heard there was a Ragdoll shown on it. Of course, that just tempts me even more.
Hopefully, I will catch it if it replays.
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when I checked my local listings this show doesnt air until wednesday april 26.
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Originally Posted by kitytize
when I checked my local listings this show doesnt air until wednesday april 26.
Thank you, I will try and check my listings for that date.
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I found it now its not on until April 30th at 9:00 pm
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Thank you, I'll try to see if I can get it.
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I watched it. Seemed like all of those owners were pretty preoccupied with feeding the cats.
I love my cats....I will buy the best cat food i can find for them. But I am not cookin for the cats! *lol*
It was an interesting program, however, I still don't understand the judging. But that's ok I never plan to show my babes anyway. The breeder that sold me my babes goes to them all the time. She loves them, and their cats seem to get alot of ribbons.
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Oh I wish I could watch it!!
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It was pretty good! The kitties were gorgeous. One of the people bought some sort of amazing human food quality beef (Like 10 pounds) that he showed how they prepared it for the cats. Wow. And one lady mentioned that she didn't cook for her husband, but cooked for her cats. And the poor kitties getting baths! That was cute. I never realized how thin a Maine Coon could be!
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I am definatly going to watch it. It sounds like a really awsome show. I wish I could show cats.
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I show my sundance but in Tica shows I am looking forward to seeing the CFA show and people in it.
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I just looked at the schedule for tonight on t.v and it doesn't mention the cat show.
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