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How about... your favorite painting??

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"Untitled" by Salvador Dali

P.S. You can find a ton of pictures on and

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My favorite painting: Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth sorry I don't have a picture of it to send because I don't have the technology to do that. I will go to the site pnut put up and see if I find it there and then let you all know if you can go there to see it. It is hard to describe why I like this picture so much but if you are familar with it or can view it you will know that the longer you look at it the more you see. Is she disabled or just uninabled by the desperateness of her world ?

WHOA!!!! Kat, what have you been smokin' ?
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Update; go to the site pnut posted above and put Wyeth in the search box and you will see the picture I am talking about. Kat
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here it is! Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

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pnut: Thank you for doing that for me.
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. . . .is "Personages of the Night," by Joan Miró. I've liked his (he's a "he") work for a very long time.

Perhaps there might be a cat lurking somewhere in this painting! Or perhaps, like Macavity, he's just not there!



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Hey Mr. Cat!

I am a huge Michelangelo fan! The Agony and the Ecstacy is one of my favorite books! Just had to post one of my favorites. I know it is a "standard" but it is so beautiful, I just want to touch it! It is so amazing, I feel like Mary is going to move, or look up or something.
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I remember seeing the original statue in Rome, Italy when I was 15 years old (33 years ago). It was mezmerizing!

My favorite painting is "Girl with a Broom" by Rembrandt. It's my favorite because my mom always had a replica of it hanging over our fireplace when I was a kid. My mom passed away in 1973 and both my brother and I have a copy hanging in out homes. I would give my eyetooth to see the original.

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my favorite is by monet. i think it's called lillies. something about lillies. i have a copy hanging in my living room
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My favorite is "Fall of Icarus" by Pieter Brueghel the Elder. I wrote my senior thesis about his work and some poems written about it -- "Musee des Beaux Arts" by W.H. Auden and "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by William Carlos Williams. I love the pastoral peacefulness of this painting, and the irony of the tiny feel splashing in the water.

I found the image at, but had no idea how to post it here...
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That Dali painting is stunningly beautiful! Here is another of my favorites; and I'm sorry it's so big.

The 3rd of May 1808 in Madrid: The Executions on Principe Pio Hill, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, 1814

In my view, Goya has captured the suffering and terror which war brings to all who get in its way -- combatants and non-combatants alike. As we know, those who cause such devastating monstrosities are never held accountable.

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I believe my favorite artist is Stow Wengenroth, a lithographer. I particularly like some of the lithographs he did of New York City, especially one of grand Central Station, which my brother is lucky enough to own.

I have 4 of his works, myself, as he was married to a relative of mine.
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Thank you for the reference to Stow Wengenroth's depiction of Grand Central Station. It's wonderful! As a child, I was fortunate in that my father liked taking me around New York city to see the sights. We ended up at Grand Central Station many times. In all likelihood, I was at that railroad station in 1949. I'm looking for my magnifying glass even as we speak!

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Mr. Cat:

The real size one is awesome! My father gave these prints to us, as Wengenroth was married to my great-uncle's sister. He had then as gifts. The Grand Central one was always my favorite, but I inherited a grandfather's clock handmade by my great-great-grandfather, so I had to let my brother take the Grand Central print. I have other of his prints, a street in NYC (I forget the title of that one), one called Sound Shore (Long Island), one called Terns, and another called The Church (it's a church in Connecticut). There is another called "Quiet Hour" that depicts a NYC street, which happens to be the one my grandfather's police precinct was on.
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Thanks everyone for sharing your favorites. I love hearing about how other people feel about art. Living in DC we are fortunate to go to a lot of museaums, but there is SO much that we don't see. Thanks again!
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I live in columbia, MD & go to the 9:30 club for a lot of shows! I didn't know that you live in DC. you are just down the road from me
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We actually live in Alexandria. But, my fiance works in DC. I moved here about 1 1/2 years ago. It is all new to me. I am from a farm town in Ohio!

We don't go "out on the town" much, partly because that is not our thing and we are trying to save $$. We always say we are going to get out to the 9:30 club (my fiance is a big music fan), but never make it.

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how funny!

I moved out here 6 years ago from Lebanon, Indiana. a small town with about 15,000 people. how weird you are from ohio. my homestate is right next door! my mom was a buckeye. you should let me know the next time you & your fiance (did i spell that right?)go to a show. chances are i will be there & we can meet!
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what a great thread, i cant believe i missed it! pnut, i also love " untitled " by salvador dali, though i call it:
" woman with head of flowers " - i thought that's what it was called!

i have a few, but foremost my favourite artist is my brother, i think he's a genious.

this one is of me & his girlfriend of 4 years - they just recently broke apart though.

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another by him that i love;

i think he's amazing...
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" the kiss "

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" starry night " - Vincent Van Gogh -

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though i have a few hundred more i adore!! i'll post more later
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