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Ok - this is a bit of a strange one.....

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As you may be aware, my Tinkerbelle gave birth to four kittens three weeks ago. Today, I found my eldest cat, 9 year old Gizmo, in the 'cat nursery room'. He was lying down by the entrance to the crate where the babies are nesting. Surprisingly, mum cat Tinkerbelle (also lying outside the crate) was not afraid of Uncle Gizmo being near the babies.

Gizmo then went into the crate (I was on high alert!) and laid down. The babies all cuddled up to him and he was licking them. Tinkerbelle was outside the crate purring and did not seem worried. I did not intervene as I thought this may be an important step in the cats' interaction with each other and the babies did not seem to be in danger.

Ok well here goes....Tinkerbelle loves cuddling Gizmo, so she got in the crate too and laid her head on him (whilst the babies are all cuddled into big fat Gizmo). For about 5 minutes, it seemed like bliss...all my 6 cats together! However, as soon as Tinkerbelle went to lick one of her babies, Gizmo swiped Tinkerbelle across her face with his paw and then he started to lick the babies.

Seeing this as abnormal - I called Gizmo out of the room (by saying 'dinner time').

Tinkerbelle has been trying to 'suck up' to Gizmo all evening like she has done something wrong.

Is this some kind of dominance thing? Its strange how she lets Gizmo near the babies but not humans! Even stranger, why is Gizmo getting upset when Tinkerbelle is nursing her own babies?

I can't close the door to the cat nursery room to prevent Gizmo from getting in as Tinkerbelle likes to go in and out the room.

Any advice?
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I think Gizmo truly loves Tinkerbelle!
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Hubby says Gizmo is jealous because Tinkerbelle is getting all the 'nice' high calorie kitten food (which he constantly tries to steal). I'm just hoping this doesnt turn into a problem. It wasnt nice seeing my Tinkerbelle being swiped across the face with a big fat paw. Gizmo has never shown any agression to her or us ever in the past..I dont know why he did that.
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Jealousy! I have a older female cat who has done the same thing! She wants the attention and good kitten food also. I would just watch them all together. I hope all goes well.
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What your husband said is probably right. Any swiping/aggression stuff I would steer clear and boot his butt out of there. But at 3 wks old, Gizmo knows the kittens are bigger now and are starting to eat solid food. He hasn't bothered them or the mother before this? It seems now that they're eating his kind of food, he is either missing the devoted attention of mom or he's jealous of the kitten's food? Whatever the case, I would keep him in check and not tolerate him taking swipes at mom. Gizmo needs to learn some manners!
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Thanks for your replies. I am starting to realise what parents go through with their kids' sibling rivalry!

What do you do? Spoil the eldest or as Gizzysgrandma says 'keep him in check'. I hope this is a one off and all 6 live happily ever after...hmmm...keep you posted!
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Is he the daddy of the kittens?
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No Zak & Rocky he isnt the daddy. He's been neutered ever since we got him 6 years ago.
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my young castrated male was there for the birth of mollys kittens. he was still with her when i foudn her, and he seemed a little shell shocked. liek he coudl nto understand where the kittens came from.

he kept wanting to sleep in the nest with the kittens. and snuggle up to them. im not sure if male cats play any sort of role to the upbringing of kittens in the wild?
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