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Weather for potted plants?

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I really want to go out tonight and get some flowers and potted plants - when is it warm enough to start planting stuff? Its been average 65*-75* daily - and 45* at nights. Is that warm enough to start my plants for the summer?

I am so anxious to go ahead and start planting stuff!

I know there are a lot of good planters out there, with beautiful flowers already!
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It is too early for most flowers. It would be OK to put pansies out.
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Okay, when is usually a good temp/time to start planting flowers (like daisies?)
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Gail can probably give you a better idea for your area, but probably another month or so.
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I know for Michigan I've always been told the safest is after May 15th. By then the last frost is over with and we're on our way to Summer!

I do admit though, sometimes I'm planting the first week of May because I'm just too excited!
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I am too excited to start my plants! Especially dasies - they are my favorite!

I'm going to go out and get some cute new pots for the deck - I wish it were warmer!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
It is too early for most flowers. It would be OK to put pansies out.

My pansies are doing fine, as long as it stays above freezing at night. I think you are good.

Last night it got down to 22 and I was worried, but woke up and they were fine this morning.

So go ahead!!!

Not sure about the daisy's as I don't have any, but I'm growing mums and they are ok, but they are in pots so I can bring them in if it gets too cold.

Good luck!

I love gardening!
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I am planting my sweet peas tonight but they are hardy like Pansies.
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Since you and I along with Scamper farms are most likely in the same zone 4-5.
I may buy perennials now -but not too many greenhouses are open yet!!
I do wait until May 10-15th to start planting perennials. One reason is the average frost date is in that time frame and the soil has to warm up. I will try to remember to stick my soil thermometer in spots around my yard to get a reading. If the soil is too cold and then combined with the cooler night temps and precipitation the roots could rot away!!!
On the other hand cold hardy annuals like pansies, petunias are ok to plant for a bit of color!!! Most other annuals I wait to plant closer to memorial day.
If you are planting pots though you can get away planting earlier as you can move the pots inside or cover with sheets if a late season frost is predicted.
If you buy annuals remember to buy the ones that ARE NOT IN FLOWER!!!
Annuals complete their life cycle in one season their goal being to flower and set seed. Most annuals one buys are forced to bloom early at the expense of developing a good root system. So either buy ones that aren't in bloom or pinch off ALL FLOWER BUDS before planting. This will delay flowers for a couple of weeks but the plant in the meantime will develop more roots and leaves and toward the end of summer be a much stronger plant!!
As for daisies-as they are a perennial once they are done blooming cut the flower stems off close to the foliage and you may get rewarded with more blooms (not the 1st yr of planting though)
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Yeah, I usually wait until the second week of May too! I can't wait either!
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