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Need help from you garden/grass growing experts.

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Since Spring is finally here, it's time for me to plant some grass. This will be the first spring that I've owned my own house so I'm actually excited to do yard work.

We have a big bare spot in front of our shed that is nothing but dirt. I raked it and planted some grass seed last night and plan on watering it at night after the sun goes down. It was a cheaper bag of seed from Wal-Mart meant for shady areas since it's generally shady by our shed. Is there anything I can add to it to help make it grow? It was solid dirt until I raked it up last night. Any advice or tips would help a lot. Thanks!
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What does the label state for seed mix-is it a mix. Usually shade situations will have fescues in their seed mix-tall fescue/red fecue/chewing fescue. This is thin bladed grass. You raked, then seeded. Dig you firmly press the seed into the soil (step on it!!!). Cover this area with a bit of hay and water just to keep evenly moist (unless it rains it should be watered every day-just a couple of minutes. Fescue normally germinates in about 14 days. kentucky blue grass in about 21 days. Did the seed bag state annual rye?? This will germinate in 7-10 days but being an annual will freeze out in fall. Once the grass germinated do not remove hay/straw until grass is up a couple of inches. Do not mow until at least 4 inches-no not treat with any herbicide for at least 6 weeks!!! I think Michigan State is Michigans land grant college and the extension office should have a website for publications you can download/order or pick up for a tiny fee!! Here is the website: www.msue.msu.edu
Lots of info!!!!!
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Well, I work at Pennington Seed, Inc. (the main office). And I can tell you who you could talk to. He is in our customer service department & specializes in grass seed. The phone # is 706-342-1234, which puts you through to the switchboard, & ask for John Biddy. We have a toll free number too, but I can't remember it off the top of my head, but if you're interested, I'll write it down at work tomorrow & let you know what it is. Or you could check out our web sites:
Pennington Seed
Central Garden and Pet
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For the first week and 1/2 to two weeks, don't let it dry out, and if birds are a problem, you might want to cover it with peat moss.

You can also fertilize. 16-16-16 is a good starter fertilizer.
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water and water it needs to be moist at all times for the first week. Then it needs to be watered a few times a day for a few more weeks.
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