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If your cat could talk...

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Who would he/she sound like??

My son and I are always putting voices on our babies! Xena, our warrier princess Maine Coon , is extremely ladylike and gets the "vapors" like a southern belles, so we always make her sound like Delta Burke in Designing Women or Scarlett O'Hara (fiddle-dee-dee!).

My baby, Aaliyah, is a little nervous wreck who allows us to totally protect her. My son uses a voice like Tommy on Rugrats for her...

My new boy is soooooo cool, I gave a voice and rap like the Fonz... (my AGE is showing!)

What would your cats sound like IF they could speak?
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I'm not quite sure WHO Ivo sounds like, but I know what she is saying...

"Mom, let me out. Let me out. NOW! Let me out let me out let me out...pleeeeeeeeeze. You don't love me anymore, do you? I'm heartbroken. I'll just sit here and cry."

OK, I guess she sounds a little like the dog on the Beggin' Strips commericals.

Oh, I've thought of one more thing she'd say-

"Oooh, lookit the birds! Birdies and big birdies and little birdies. That's right, come to Momma. My chittering is lulling you into a false sense of security. Closer, closer, closer...OW! Why do I keep hitting my head on this *&%^%$ thing? Must pretend I meant to do that."
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Boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes my babies "talk" in their own kitty voices! Some of my friends looked at me like I'm nuts.

I'm not sure who they sound like, either. Ophelia is a little, dainty kitty so she has a fairly high-pitched voice. She is also very demanding so when we make her talk it is usually telling us exactly what she wants/needs (i.e. "I need a lap!" "Play with me" "Pet me Daddy! Now!")

Trent is a kitten in a big boy body. His voice is a little lower than Ophelia's but he talks more like a kid than she does. (i.e. "I want my mommy" when he needs to snuggle with me, "Hey! Pay attention to me! Look at me! Watch me do this!")
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You know I can't picture who they'd sound like but I have an idea of what would say if they could talk.

Mitzi would say "Feed me, feed me, feed me, feed me" or "Is it time to eat yet, is it time to eat yet, is it time to eat yet, is it time to eat yet?"

Fallon, the spooky one would say "AH!!" or "EEP!!" or "OH CRAP I'M OUTTA HERE!!"

Xavier would say "I know I'm cute so I am going to do a whole bunch of bad things and you don't have it in you to stop me" or "I could pick on Sampson but he's big enough to kick my butt so I'll beat up Fallon because she's little and I can."

Me and Brian have tried to figure out what Sampson would say and so far we've come up with "SAMPSON!!"(said like how it was said in the movie Half Baked.) or "La la la laa la."
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Don't know who Loki would sounds like but he would say: Mom, Mom, Mom -you gotta see this - they let kitties outside, really they do!!!

He get's soo excited and only uses this one type of meow if the neighbors tabby stops by to look in to tease him a bit before moving on with his rounds.
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I don't know what kind of voice Snowball would have either, but when I get home from work he would always be saying "pet me, pet me, pet me!" When he is in my lap he would say "I am so comfortable I could stay here for HOURS!"
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