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Clueless about Kittens! Help!

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I just stumbled across this site while looking for information on kitten care and i thought maybe someone could help me.
For a while, we've been feeding a stray on our front porch. we've even built her a small shelter. Our plan is to eventually take her to the vet for shots, etc. and adopt her as our own.
Two days ago, my father was cleaning out the cat's "house" and noticed something rather odd. Kittens!! There are four of them and they are quite small. Their eyes were not yet opened so i estimated their age at about 1-10 days (found that on a website!). we went to Petsmart and got some information there. Like not to touch them right away and let the mother feel safe with us around them.
They don't move too much yet but we know that when they start moving, we will have to move them into the house.
This expirience is so joyous but also very stressful, as we are new to taking care of kittens. If anyone has any information on how we should go about each day, please help me.
And when can we begin touching them?
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I would bring them inside if you can, before the mother panics and moves them.

you should also feed the mother a high quality kitten food and lots of it so she can get enough nutrients to feed these babies
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I agree If she sees you poking around, she will panic and move them. If you can get them into the house they will at least be safe and you can keep an eye on them.
Touching them- it will depend on how safe she feels with you. I have a momma who loves us but gets upset when we hold the kittens and they cry
Please keep us posted.
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It seems to me that the mother must trust you, as she had her kittens there! I think you should try bringing her inside. I don't know where you are at, but kittens need a pretty warm spot and there also might be predators like raccoons and such. If you feed her good quality kitten food, she will take care of the babies ok. Let us know what you do! We started holding our kittens pretty early, but not a lot of handling for the first 10 days, I think. Mom can give you a clue on how comfortable she is with that.
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Thank goodness she has people like you!
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Bring her in and try to get the babies to nurse. Might have to feed yourself.
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I just wanted to thank you all so much for your help. The kitties are still outside, but my father built a makeshift pen around their corner of the deck. The mother can get in and out, but if the kittens start moving, they will be confined. Hopefully, too, it will disuade predators. They opened their eyes a few days ago. And the mother is doing quite well. We were able to touch them and she didn't mind. She is a great mother and we are very proud of her. Thanks again for everybody's help!
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That is great to hear. Being inside is better but you can only do so much.
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Keep in mind that the mother can and will get pregnant again as little as a week after giving birth. I would enclose the pen you make so the mother cannot get out either if you really cannot bring them inside. If she can get out then she can get the babies out too. That is your biggest concern here that she will be uncomfortable with the pen and move the kittens.
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