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The Foster Babies I've Taken in

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The first Stray kitten born to a feral momma, found outside being tortured by neighborhood children.

We kept her for a while.

Then we found Hobbes, same mother cat. A bit younger. We bottle fed him and the female black and white (Ariel) kept watch over him.

They became buddies. But Ariel found a home. So we were left with Hobbes for a while....

Then we found these four boys. Same mother cat, she's probably still breeding, we could never catch her.

And Hobbes (who was a boy) acted like their mother.

We were able to find a home for all four boys (Boo, Calvin, Patch, and Phantom) and Hobbes.

Now we are down to Peaches and Pandora, our family members along with our human children. I probably won't be taking in any more kittens unless some wander by. That's how I came about all of the above kitties.
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They're adorable, such sweet little faces
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Oh my goodness, what a set of little cutie pies

Thank you for looking after them
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They are all so cute!
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Rachele, they are just gorgeous! You've done a fantastic job with them!

I do think you should have added a cuteness alert though, those pictures are just adorable!
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I adored them all, one thing to say for "momma" as we dubbed her, she could definately breed some adorable kittens, it's a shame that someone allowed her to become feral. I used to live in military housing where people would just dump their cats whenever.

We no longer live there and actually we moved out of the area completely.

Peaches and Pandora though are two of the most wonderful cats we've had (Pandora is a smidge playful as kittens tend to be).
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arr they are all so cute i wish i had one but my 4 boys are the best i could ever hope for

dont u find that all cats have different persanalitys i do
................................................................................ ..............................
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Oh absolutely. Every cat I've had has had it's own uniqueness about them. Though I have to say we never really get a 'normal' cat. Each cat we've owned or taken in has had peculiar traits.
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I get very attached to cats whether we have them for a short while or forever. I don't understand how people can't like cats.
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i would just like to say congratulations on lookin after a beautiful bunch of kitties and its always nice to here that they have found homes
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