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This is a Buddy Hackett joke, one of his clean ones.

A man who really loved his cat had to go to England on business. Since he had no children, his cat was worth the world to him. So he asked his brother to keep the cat. "You know how much this cat means to me, so take good care of him."
After a long trip he finally got into his hotel room, and called his brother. "How's my cat?"
"Oh, the cat's dead."
The man was in shock. He hung up and then got furious at his brother's casual attitude. He called him right back and said,"You could have been kinder about the news. You could have broken it to me gently. First you could have said "The cat's on the roof and the firemen are having trouble getting it down." The next day you could have told me the cat was suffering from exposure. Then, finally you could have said, "I'm sorry; your cat died."
The brother thought it over and said, "You're right. I could have been more diplomatic. I'm really sorry."

"O.K., what's done is done. By the way, how's mother?"

After thinking for a few moments the brother answered, "Well----Mother's on the roof........."
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BOOOOO! I love Buddy Hacket, though. I'm surprised you could find a clean joke of his. :LOL:
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Ack Jeanie!! That was sooo lame it was funny!! :LOL: :LOL:
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And they say the British don't have a sense of humor!!:laughing2
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That was silly.
Jeanie, who said the British didn't have a sense of humor? I would disagree. I love Monty Python, and I get BBC America and some of their shows are so hilarious. Way better than the US sitcoms.
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Bren.1, I wouldn't have said that if I wasn't British myself! My father, mother, and brother and sister were all born in Scotland and England. I became e-mail friends with Rhea originally because she's from England, and love to tease her. She is really funny, herself!
Actually, many people think the British have no sense of humor. It's a dry humor, which to me is hilarious! I think some people just don't get the jokes.
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Yeah.... see..... Jeanie always picks on me..... :laughing:
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I aggree, British humour is one of my favourites. I believe it's called wit? I don't watch any us sitcoms (no exeptions) but give a british prodution (yes minister, butterflies, agony ect...) and I'm there with bells on.

ps. funny joke
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I'm still watching "Are You Being Served?" in reruns of reruns of reruns!!
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Zapata and Jeanie, I definitely prefer the "Brit-coms," that dry sense of humor makes me die laughing. Have you seen the show Coupling. It is so funny! Kind of like Friends, but way better. And my friends all know how much I dislike our American sitcoms. They try to tell me to watch different shows, and I never like any of them.
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I get the BBC so I'm going to watch for "Coupling." Thanks for the hint!
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Let me know what you think. It's on Thursdays at 9:20 here.
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Does anyone remember the Benny Hill Show. Some people were offended by his humor. I thought he was hysterical and I miss seeing him.
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I've seen clips from ads promoting the Best of Benny Hill videos, but I never saw the show or a rerun. I didn't have the BBC when he was was on. He was daring, wasn't he?
Did you guys see The Full Monty? I thought that was a cute movie.
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I like British humor as well, especially Mr. Bean and Month Python (loooove the killer rabbit )
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I love Benny Hill - he was hilarious. Canada gets a lot of British programming (being a colony and all). My hubby is addicted to Coranation Street - of course we are about 6 months behind!
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to patsy,

I must admit that Benny Hill is the only british humour that never appealed to me. I constantly feel as though I'm missing the point. I did like the Full Monty though.
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The only point to Benny Hill is that he was a wowanizer screwball that came across funny! I know a lot of women that found him offensive. Hell, I'm not that starched that I can't laugh at someone running after women and loving their bodies. If you take life too seriously you'll end up with frown lines! HA! Nice chatting with you. What made Benny so funny is that he never ended up with the lady and constantly made a food of himself. If he could laugh at himself, what's to be offended about, right? Have a nice day and keep smiling and the funny stuff God has blessed up with.
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