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Here's my sweetpea Quill!

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Ooooo! Quill is SO Pretty! I like the one of her outside.
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Yes, that's my favourite pic of him too, he's in the big window that looks into our yard. I can't believe I caught him so still, usually he won't let me take his photo. Except when he wants me to, the booger

One more! I love this one too,he was halfway yawning. It looks like he's smiling!

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He's just adorable.
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What a gorgeous little boy you have
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Awww, what a cutie-pie!
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He's so cute! I'd love to pick him up and pet him.. he looks really soft..
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He's beautiful!

Are you sure he's actually a medium hair though?
Could be you have a longhair in his warm weather coat
Maine Coon or NFC mix perhaps.
I'm seeing ear and toe tufts
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Quill is really handsome.
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Quill is a very handsome young man!

I love the half yawning picture, he looks as though he's trying to tell you something but it's on the tip of his tongue!
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he looks like a Long Haired Kaylee!!
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