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Our Cats Gine Missing!

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Our cat Foofy has gone missing! Where do you think he is? Can you give me some tips on finding him besides fliers and ask the neighbors, bcuz all I can say is hes gray with yellow eyes, and 87% or more of cats here are, so any other tips? Heres some info!

Has been missing for 4 days
Is not fixed
Has never left b4 for longer then a few hours
May be at friends house but she cant catch him

How do I get him to come home? My friend said that like, 5 cats were in her basement, and they ran away, so he MAY be down there, but maybe not, she has a female cat. But ya, how do I get him to come home?
post #2 of 13 has excellent advice.

When you get him home, be sure to call the vet to set an appointment to get him neutered ASAP, to cut down on his risk of running away again and getting injured or catching a disease from fighting.
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I will send out get home vibes
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lol, thank you guys! And ya, my Mom said as soon as he gets home, hes going in2 lock down until he gets fixed, so ya, thanx!
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Foofy comes home soon! Foofy, stop tomcattin' around & get your cute little paws HOME!!
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lol! Ya, well, I hope he gets here soon!
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No sign of him yet....
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Nope, my MOm said shes going to call the shelter 2day and see if they picked him up.
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The link that Tuxedokitties posted didn't work for me ("page not found").

I'm so sorry your kitty has gone missing, but this is quite normal for indoor/outdoor cats that aren't neutered. His hormones called, and he responded. If it is just hormonal, it may be a few more days before you see kitty.

On the other hand, if something happened to him, it is very likely that he is within a 3-block radius of your home. It has been documented that most missing cats "go to ground" within three blocks of their homes. Because so many of the cats around you fit that very basic description of your kitty, if you have a picture, the best thing to do is to go to Kinko's, get color photocopies, and drop a note with that photocopied pic to ALL homes within a 3-block radius of yours.

Then start with your immediate neighbors and ask them if they mind you searching around their yards. Look under porches, in storm drains - and any small nook or cranny that could hide a cat. For some reason, cats that have "gone to ground" will NOT come when called, and, in fact, will only leave their "safe" hidey-hole when driven to by extreme hunger - and will then often return to their "safe" hidey hole rather than go home. We don't know why. But the method with the most success of finding kitties that didn't return home is simply to put in the hours searching for them within that 3-block radius of home.

Of course, alerting the neighbors and calling nearby shelters is always a good thing to do.

Good luck finding Foofy!
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Thanx, we asked our neighbor, he hasnt seen him, and we searched the neighborhood, and called the shelter, they havent seen him, so we put an ad in the paper that should be out 2sday. I hope we get a response soon, I miss him! Also, thanx. Oh, and we dont have any pix of him.
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I hope you find him soon, too.

I know you may end up feeding most of the neighborhood cats, too, but have you tried putting food out each evening?

Maybe put food out near where you can watch the cats that come to eat. If you do this every evening, you may find your Foofy to be one of them.

Just trying to come up with more ideas......

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Thanx! We always put food out, we dont watch the cats eat tho, so maybe he duz come around. Thanx!
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Keep us posted....
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