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stinky cat?

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I was wondering if something that im feeding Tax is causing the terrible stinky poos shes making? Shes getting kitten and cat food mixed as well as once in a while some turkey or ham or beef fat. I also give her a bowl of milk once in a while. Is it something shes eating?
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It really depends on the actual cat food she's getting. I completely discourage giving your kitty milk. It's VERY difficult for them to digest, and it could be the only thing causing the stinkiness. Of course, some types of cat food could cause it, too...but I would be willing to be that if you stop giving her the milk, you might just solve the problem. Milk being ok to give cats is a common mistake...it's VERY bad for them, and can give them the runs, but at the very least digestive difficulties in general.

Anyway, try cutting the milk out of her diet, and let us know how it goes.

In the meantime...what kind of catfood do you give her?
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i give her purina. Its evaporated milk generally, and the reason i figured it was ok, was because after she had her kittens i was looking at the recipies for homemade kitten formula and evaporated milk is on the list of ingredients on most of the resipies, But ill stop giving it to her and see if that helps. thanks.
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The Purina might also be a slight problem as far as smell. You might try posting something asking what food is recommended to keep smell down. I've heard Nutrina is good, though I haven't tried it. My babes eat Iams, but there's still SOME smell to their poo. I'm guessing you can't take the smell away completely, but you CAN lower it at least.

Hope that helps a little!

P.S. How old is your kitty?
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she is between 9 and 12 months old, shes a foster and they estimated her age between those two.
I can convince my husband to switch foods, its just what they told us she was eating.
I dont mind smells, just its so bad, it fills the whole room every time she goes.
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Yeah, given the age, she's too old now for any kind of milk, other than what's already in her kitten food. It's one thing if it's natural kitty milk in the kitten food...but straight cow's milk is too difficult for their tummies to correctly process, at any age. Yes, they put kitty milk (either natural, or an artificial substitute) in kitten food, but giving it to them straight past the natural weaning age (which is anywhere from eight to twelve weeks...it's debateable) is too much. The kitten foods give them just the right amount they should have.

As far as cow's milk, think of it this way...cows have four stomachs, cats and humans have one. That's why it's so difficult for humans, cats, and other animals to process cows' milk...we don't have four stomachs to process it through. Does that make sense?

P.S. I think I posted the wrong name...I think it's actually Nutro. You might wanna just post something else to ask. Lol...
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Yes, it is Nutro.

Lilly ate Petsmart's Authority brand when she was a kitten because that's what she had been eating when I got her.

She just turned 1 in March, and I switched her to Nutro adult food. She absolutely ** it! It has better, more nutrient-dense ingredients, which means she eats less to get the same nutritional value... also means she produces less waste, which saves on litter. I don't think her poop is very stinky either, so overall, it's a winner at our house!

You should be able to find it at Petsmart or Petco; it seems like it's the most widely available of the "better" brands. Good luck!
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Thanks, she has about 2 days worth of food at most, i never thought nursing mothers could eat so much! And i was gonna pick up some new food, and now im torn Ill go to petco (seeing thats all i have in my town, before it was only walmart) and try to get something good. Maybe the rescue lady will be there, she practically lives there, and ill ask her what she reccomends as well.
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There are other threads about good cat food on this forum that you might want to check out, too.

Here's a link to a thread that might be helpful:


It really shares a bunch of different opinions about different brands. You can also check with your vet for info.
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