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I got a tattoo!!

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I got my 2nd tatt last night and boy am I feeling it today. I got a black panther that looks like it's crawling down my left shoulder on my back.

I have a black panther on my right shoulder crawling up but the studio I had do it did a really crappy job. The ink faded alot and I had taken all the precautions with it and I didn't even tan last summer because of it. I'm going to have the artist who did the one last night make him over.

I'm so excited!! It looks really great!! It's was definatly worth the 2 hours it took.
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Me, I run the other way when it comes to intentional pain! LOL Bet it does look cool on ya though.......
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Oooo Jessica!! Cool!!! Get some pics of it for us!! Im with Hissy here though.... I run a mile at the thought of n**dles!!! EEEEKS!!!! (I'd run further if I could... but Im sooo unfit...):LOL:
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I'm so jealous!! Your new panther sounds really cool Jessica. BodLover is right - We need pics! (Well, after it heals - it would really scare people who are fearful of tats anyway to show it before!) I'm glad you found an artist you can trust. That's the hardest part of getting a tat, to me.

Getting a tat really doesn't hurt much . I swear. Well, it does depend a little on where you get it done, but my two didn't hurt at all.
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Yes Heidi you're right. It doesn't hurt.... Untill the end of it. After 2 hours over going over the same spots over and over and over it starts to sting a bit. I find the first hour feels good.... Don't mind me.. I have a needle fetish.
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I'm so jealous Jessica. It sounds really cool. I can't wait to see pics. Some day when I get brave enough, I want to get a tattoo on my lower back.
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Ohhhhh I am jealous. Since they are so expensive, I get one every year for my Birthday. I bet they are gorgeous!! Make sure to have someone take a picture once it's done healing so we can all see!!
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HI I have a tattoo of a cat on my right shoulder
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