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Introducing new kitty

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I have a sweet cat named Miles who is almost 3yrs old. I have had him since he was 3months so we are very close. I've always wanted another cat and since my boyfriend and I have moved into a bigger house we thought Miles might like some company. Well...............I don't know about that. We adopted a new kitty Coltrane (3months old) He's so sweet but I am not so sure how they are going to get along. Coltrane comes from a family of big cats so he is ready to get it on with Miles. Miles just looks at him like he's crazy. I've kept them separated. they only get to look at each other through a window for a short period every day. If any one has suggestions that might help with the introduction process that would be great.

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Just go slow, most cats will like each other eventually, or at least put up with each other! When they are together, they will probably sniff each other all up and maybe tumble a bit. They will need to establish who is alpha cat. Especially with 2 males. I would have the kitten neutered (if not already) right now before the crazy male hormones kick in. That will just bring a whole new batch of problems into the picture
Basically as long as no blood is being drawn, let them go and establish superiority and play rough and all those other things cats do.
You are tight though for keeping them seperated at first though, the sooner you start letting them interact, the quicker they will most likely get used to each other.
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Thanks. I've kept them separated because Coltrane hasn't been to the vet yet so I just want to make sure that Miles wont catch anything he might have. Also Coltrane is sooooo small and Miles all of a sudden seems so big to us so I worry that he will get hurt.
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