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Sorority charged with racism??

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This has made the national and international news. A sorority (all white) here gave out an award at their formal for "blackest member". One of the girls catering the event is a member of the black sorority and, of course was offended. She asked one of the members later at a bar what it meant and she said "Oh, you mean "Most Ghetto?"
So now the sorority is not allowed to hold any social events and has met with the NAACP, Black United Students, and other people. They've publicly apologized. Some other students have been spitting at sorority girls, thrown rocks at them, etc.
It seems like racial issues are exploding here... Last semester someone wrote an op-ed piece about how everyone should be able to use the "n-word" that was supposed to be humorous but obviously was not.
It doesn't seem like the sorority learned anything from that.
There have long been racial tensions here since we're kind of in the middle of rural Ohio but close enough to Cleveland that all kinds of people go here, and often don't get along very well.
I think sometimes it gets blown out of proportion on both sides. While the sorority did something insensitive and unbelievably stupid, from their explanation of it I don't know if they're as much of a racist monster as they're being made out to be...
What do you guys think?
Here's a couple articles about it:
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I take it the awards was suppose to be for mock awards?

IMO if you're going to invite people outside of your little circle in for a formal, you can't say that sort of thing. Really...don't say that sort of stuff at all without expecting to upset people. We aren't a 1940s culture anymore.
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As a proud Delta Gamma (sorority) alumna, I'd like to weigh in on this.

Racism is nothing new to Greek life. I've seen plenty of racism coming out of the Greek system. Would there be a need for black/Asian/Hispanic, etc. sororities if racism didn't occur in the Greek system?

I was so proud of my sorority because we WERE more diverse than most of the other "white" sororities at University of Georgia. We had sisters who were of middle Eastern and Asian descent, as well as several Hispanic sisters. We extended bids to girls of ever race, shape, and size; that openness and tolerance is one of the main reasons why I'm so happy to be a DG.

Anyway, regarding this Chi-O incident....I agree that it's more ignorance than racism. How many of us have jokingly one of our friends out for being "ghetto" not even thinking about the racial implementations?
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This situation is quickly getting out of control... People are just stupid sometimes. I think if everyone did a little more keeping their mouth shut maybe this won't devolve further. This sorority, though, is known for being kind of obnoxious in general. Like, they will paint "Making Girls Jealous Since 19xx" (forget the year) in huge letters on dorm windows. I'm sorry, but that's just snotty and annoying. This may be one reason that people are reacting the way they are. We don't have a big Greek life here, and this particular one is an example of the worst about it. I know there are lots of good sororities / frats, and I don't mean to say they're all like this, obviously, as Aimes has pointed out.
Nobody's helping anything by throwing rocks at them and spitting at them though. That's just ridiculous.
It feels like we're on the verge of a riot here and we all know what happens when people riot at Kent State... Hopefully I'm only half-serious but sometimes it seems like everyone is looking for the slightest reason to be offended and suddenly everybody's mad at everyone else.
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Wooo glad I don't go to Kent State anymore hehe. I always thought sorority girls were obnoxious, ignorant partiers but that is probably cuz I only see the annoying drunk ones at the bars or screaming out their car windows or coming in swarms down to the bars or or or...That is my impression of sorority girls unfortunately since that is all I see. I would hold it past them to just be ignorant enough to not realize what they are saying in this case could be offensive. Or that it is something that "could" potentially be so better to keep quiet type of thing. No offense to the respectable sorority girls who aren't like this I am just sharing my impression. I think it is sort of dumb that this is getting out of hand...they apologized, they were kind of stupid for saying that stuff, whoops, get over it and get on with life.
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Part of the thing that I disagree with though is the spitting at and throwing stones at the girls. THIS DOES NOT SOLVE DISCRIMINATION OR RACISM! IT ONLY MAKES THAT PERSON RACIST!

The offended would gain a lot better respect if they did a quieter protest IMO.
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I guess it is the same two black men who have been doing a lot of the spitting and all of the rock throwing...
So these two guys are totally ruining it for everyone, who were trying to be very polite about it, just having open discussions with advisers and faculty present to keep anything from getting nasty.
Isn't spitting at someone assault?
One other thing that annoys me is that one of the sorority girls emailed her professor and said she couldn't come to the hall her class was in because she was scared (Its the PanAfricanStudies Hall). Which is ignorant, but I believe she probably is scared to leave the house, so. Instead of gently explaining this to her, however, the professor forwarded the email to a bunch of people. Way to add fuel to the fire!
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Check with the local police on the assault thing. It might not be, just harassment.

Rock throwing is assault though.

That's just wrong of the professor. He could get a phone call from her lawyer for doing that.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Way to add fuel to the fire!
Bingo. All of this hate and animosity will not help ANYTHING.
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