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How did this all start?

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I'm curious to know how old the cat site is. I assume Anne started it, but it would be fun to know if anyone is an original member, and how things have changed since the site started. How did it grow this big, etc.? Was there always a forum, or just articles?
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If you go down to the bottom of this page and ask it to show all posts from the beginning (of time) Just kidding Anne! It will show you all the posts, just go to the last page which would be the first page and then you can read all the posts from the beginning.
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That was fun! I went from ascending order from the beginning, went to a thread about the first member, and read the posts until I found someone we all know and love. I won't say who this very early member is, but she was the owner of 10 cats at the time!
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AAAAAAAAAAAh, I think we all know who our "oldest" member is around here!!! And we do indeed love her!!!!!!

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It's been amazing to watch this site grow!! I think when I first joined, there were maybe 15 or 20 members. I was doing a search on cat info and I never left..hehe. It's really been this awsome since the beginning, the only difference is more fun people and lots more advice
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I think I came on board when there were less than 100 members. I have felt at home here since day one. I've also met some people I am proud to call my friends. Our site is the best!
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I've looked back thru some of the older threads before. Its fun to see who was here in the beginning! I've been here only about a year, but it seems like a lifetime already!! I love it here, its the best.
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I have really enjoyed watching this site grow and take shape into the great catsite that it now is....we started with only a handful, and now we have so many wonderful members here...and it is all thanks to Anne!! (and to all of you awesome people who make it such a great place to be) I don't know what I would do without you all! *hugs*
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And unless I missed a post, the last post was from one of the original members! How exciting to be in on the bottom floor of something that has brought joy and fellowship to so many people. I can't believe the pregnant lady with the baby face is the "oldest" member!!
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:LOL: "Pregnant lady with the baby face" :laughing: You crack me up!

Actually I think Sandie was here a couple weeks before I was. So technically she's been here longer.
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