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Cat Headlines for May 2002

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Adopt-a-thon places animals in happy homes
The Daily News - May 03, 2002

Britons 'prefer cats to dogs'
BBC News - May 03, 2002

'Group therapy' reigns with cat analyst
Shore Line Times - May 01, 2002

Pets at work: Not just a distraction
Savannah Morning News - May 04, 2002

More to come soon...
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Here some more recent stories:

Little helper cat's meow to feline pals
News-Post - May 13, 2002

Firefighters rescue, revive cat from burning home
The Macomb Daily - May 07, 2002

Homes needed for 46 orphaned cats, dogs
Union-Tribune - May 12, 2002

Group seeking animal rescuers
TimesDaily - May 13, 2002

In search of a few good barns
Stratford Bard - May 09, 2002

Police Probe Alleged 'Cat-Napping'
ChannelOklahoma.com- May 08, 2002

Peripatetic cat draws Grace Avenue neighbors together
Press-Republican - May 05, 2002
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Feline emerging diseases
DVMn - May 24, 2002

Harley, the cat, gets help
The Dunn Connection - May 24, 2002

The cat's out of the air bag
Daily Breeze - May 24, 2002

Cable technician saves newborn kitten born in a tree
The State Journal-Register - May 23, 2002

Trapping feral felines
Herald News - May 20, 2002

Hotel in Plea Over Stowaway Kitty
Hexham Courant - May 18, 2002

Ederly owners and aging pets spend their twilight years together
Asahi.com - May 19, 2002

** There are some more new articles about cat health in DVM. I posted the complete list in the health forum:
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I love the article about pets at work. How true! My mom took my dog to work all the time (another standard poodle, but white) when she worked for our church and everyone loved it. And my eye doctor has always had at least 6 cats that live at his office (plenty more at home). If you don't like them, find a new doctor. And at my work we let all the customers bring their dogs into the bar. It's great and the customers love it ~ the dog owners and the non-dog owners alike.

I haven't gotten to the rest of the articles, but I will. Thanks for providing these for us!
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