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Cat suddenly dislikes other cat

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I have two cats. Keira is 1 year and Autumn is 10 months. They've been together for 8 months and have always gotten along just fine. They aren't really cuddly with each other but they groom each other and play together.

Last week they got spayed. Now Keira suddenly dislikes Autumn. When Autumn comes up to her to lick her head, Keira growls and hisses at her! All week Autumn has been trying to be friends with Keira but Keira's just not having it. Poor little Autumn! Right now she's curled up on the bed about 6 inches away from Keira after Keira just smacked her for getting too close.

Is this common after spaying? Will Keira stop doing this in a couple weeks? Could it possibly have something to do with the plastic cone things they're wearing? I can't figure it out. I wondered if Autumn got at Keira's stitches on the way home and hurt her and that's what caused it but you'd think she'd be over it after a week.

Any ideas? It breaks my heart to see them not getting along.
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They smell different after being at the vet's (and may also be a tad crabby from surgery. they'll get over it). Seperate them for a few days, swapping their scents with a damp washcloth during the meantime. They need to rest.
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This is very common after one or both kitties have been to the vet. Neither of them smell like themselves right now, and usually don't for up to two weeks after a vet visit. You might try taking pure vanilla extract (natural, not artificial), and putting a dot of it on their chins and on their back at the tail's base. This will neutralize their smells, and make them smell the same, so there will no longer be any threat.

Yes, it could also be the cones, but I would say it's more the scent change. If the vanilla extract doesn't help, you might consider separating them for a few days.

Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes!
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Thanks for the replies. They both go back to the vet tomorrow to get the stitches out so I guess the smell issue will be strong again. LOL

I'll see about picking up some vanilla extract.

Thank you!
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