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Have you ever wondered?

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My master Laptop seems to be able to hear whenever I open the container that holds the bulk almonds we buy. Within 20 seconds of opening he's wanting almonds.

My masters Laptop, Shadow and Sterling will appear whenever I open a box of Goldfish.

My master Tigger will oooze through the walls for a Little Debbie fancy cake.

Popcorn is a call for ALL of my masters.
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I am so lost
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There has to be an explanation to it?
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Yep, Izzy is as deaf as a post. But take the lid off a tin of Whiskers and she is under your feet before the food hits the bowl
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I have no idea how it's done. I was hoping that someone here could explain the process to me.
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Like I told Cougar... I'm trying to find out how/why they demonstrate such behavior.
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I think it's those little hairs in the ears. Some are ultra sensitive. The ones in our house are tuned into manual can openers.
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My Pudge is like that with every food. I suspect that she has mastered teleportation-mooching technology.
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We keep our opened pouches of cat food in plastic sandwich bags. I also use them for things such as vegetables, fruit, cheese etc etc, if I open a bag with something uninteresting in it nobody comes running, but should I so much as move the bag with the cat food in it, I instantly have 2 cats at my feet. All the sandwich bags make the same noise but they know the one which has the kitty food in it!
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I have three "normal" cats who magically appear if I open a can of wet food or tuna, or cook chicken or turkey. Then there's my little tuxedo weirdo who can heear me openiing a strawberry cereal bar or a bag of lettuce from anywhere in the house and is instantly at my feet begging.
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I forgot to mention that when my darling wife Nancy prepares my lunch/dinner (12 hour shifts) she has lots of attention. Tuna fish or chicken get many plaintive meows of "I'm dying of hunger. Feed me"
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I don't think we'll ever understand our cats unless we can get into their heads.

One of my daughters cats comes running when the cuttlery draw is opened. She's never had any food from it or a similar draw, they don't have and never have had tinned food or used sissors, so never used anything in there to access the food. It's a pure mystery.

That of course is one reason why we love them, because of the mysteries they throw up and keep us guessing with.
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Why is it that Sterling (my pewter long haired master) will only approach me if I'm in the kitchen or if I'm sitting at the END of the table or the TOP of the stairs? He will jump up onto my lap and drape himself from the right shoulder to the lap. Never any other position. I than have to pet him for about 5 - 10 minutes and it's OFF to the races. Runs around the house at least one full lap. Sometimes two.

Than it's off to work on the couch or bed. (work is taking a long nap for a cat)

Charlie (he's the three legged cat and he's a teenager as cats go - all the others are mature masters) drapes himself also.. but sometimes it's over the left shoulder or right shoulder or on his back across my lap. Pet me pet me.
Let me S T R E C H and put little needle claw marks in your arms/legs to see if you feel anything.
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