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She remembers me!!!

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I had to leave my 7 month old kitten with my Husband in Japan while I went to NZ to have my baby and was sooo worried she'd forget me.

I needn't have worried, Tiara got the lick of approval within a half hour of getting in the door and she was up to her usual stalking games with my 8 yr old son

I do have to keep an eye on her tho' as she's under the impression it's OK to stalk a little foot waving about in a tempting woollen pink bootie
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I've been really surprised with the memory masters have. It's interesting that they expect me to have just as good a memory.

Tigger will stand on my chest looking me in the eye and say: "Remember me?"

Hmm... No I don't remember who you are. Silly cat
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Aww, they remember who feeds them the most!
I'm worried about my boys when I go back to NZ to visit. It'll be a long time away.
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Why wasn't your husband able to come with you to have your baby?
I want to hear more about the new baby! Congratulations!
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My hubby came over for 3 weeks around her due date


GTG I'm being summoned by the hairless one
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Me too I love to hear baby stories.
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Congradulations on your baby, what a lovely picture!
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Congratulations on the new little one! She is precious!
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Congrats on the new baby, she's adorable. I'm glad kitty remembers you too.
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