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Finally got a job!!!

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My sister called me this morning and told me to come to the store( she works at taco johns) and put in an application. I went up there and her boss interviewed me right away (without an application because they were out) she hired me on the spot and asked me when i could start. i told her any day and she said how about 4 pm today? i said sure that gave me 2 hours to register my truck and get new tags go buy some work pants and a pair of black shoes, call the school and get cheyennes after school bus changed(to grandmas) and call my parents and let them know(A that i got a job and B that cheye was coming after school).

It went great well as great as a first day can lol I have 5 days of training then im on my own so to speak...I have alot to get used to though since i ahvent worked in 5 years!!! like making myself go to bed at a reasonable time hahahaha(yeah right) and being able to stand on my feet for 9+ hours a day (my feet are killing me)

Im excited.. a little nervous cause im not exactly thrilled about having to meet new people but still.. im excited to have something to do during the day and as long as i look at it from that perspective i will be fine lol
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Congratulations, I hope it all goes well
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Congrats and welcome back to the world of work
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CONGRATES and youll do fine
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