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I have just discovered my siamese cat is pregnant!! She snuck out an broken window one night about a month ago, my husband caught her sneaking back in the next morning, now she is getting fat and her nipples have turned pink. But my main problem is she has an umbilical cord hernia. Will this hurt her? I called the vet tonite, she has to go in tomorrow, but I cant sleep I am so worried about her.
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Welcome to the TCS Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum!

Your vet is best equipped to tell you what risks may be present for your cat so it is good that she will be seeing him tomorrow. That now being said, she may still be early enough in the pregnancy that you could go ahead and have the vet spay her and if it is possible, to also reduce the hernia while she is under anesthesia.

As a fellow Meezer lover, I well know the anxiety you are experiencing and I will be looking for an update in the morning.

Hope all goes well for you and for your Meezer,

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Please post a update. We are wating on all 4 paws.
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Ok, we're definitely having babies, she's due in about 2 weeks. Too late to do anything. My poor baby, I feel so terrible, I never had her spayed because I figured she would never go outside. BAD MISTAKE. I've always heard everyone supporting spaying/neutering, I thought we were ok. Just goes to show better safe than sorry. The doctor says not to worry, we may do a c-section. But I still feel so terrible to put my baby through this.
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Just stay calm We would like to hear updates and see pictures when you can
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You'd be best to start feeding her high quality kitten food now, and make sure she can't get back out. She may try to get out to have them someplace "safe".
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