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Spanish test... ugg

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Just needed to post about my misery... I'm studying for a spanish test tomorrow (not my best subject) and am just tired of learning a new tense every three days and then being tested on them at the end of the week.

Anyone want to go over Subjunctive with me?
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I'd rather do a lot of things than learn a foreign language! I'd need one patient teacher for that!

I'm sure you'll do fine!
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buena suerte Kaleetha
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i cope with the german grammar but i agree its been over a week since im on holidays and ive forgotten everything
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I studied spanish for eight years, could speak it and understand it decently well, and then moved to a place where hardly anyone speaks it. I've kept from going totally rusty on it by teaching my boyfriend some, but I'm nowhere near as good at it as I was three years ago.
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I'm in my first year of college Spanish. I took 3 years of high school spanish. What level are you in?
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Pienso que yo puedo ayudarle!
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Originally Posted by Soka
I'm in my first year of college Spanish. I took 3 years of high school spanish. What level are you in?

I'm just a lowly first year! (in college) It's kinda funny really, I took a few months of French in highschool (parents had me drop the class), and then I started German my first year of college.... then I got into Journalism and they require a full year.

I don't have a problem with learning a language, I'm just very bad at it. It's compounded by the fact that I dropped out of second semester of Spanish LAST year because I have was having some depression issues and couldn't keep up with everything.

I like the new book this year though. And I studied last night and today and got 100 percent on the practice quiz she gave us, so I'm hoping that I'll do okay. :fingerscrossed:
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So I may have done okay..... we'll see. *wipes brow dramatically*
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I don't know any Spanish, but I do know a little Japanese..

Nihongo ga mada yoku wakaranai kara. [I still don't speak Japanese very well.]

If I could help with your Spanish, I would.
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We have the subjunctive in English:
If I were a millionaire...
If it please the court...

Notice how those tenses aren't what you'd expect? You don't say "I were", you say "I was". We hardly use it in English anymore. But it's used to express when you don't know the outcome of the sentence or its uncertain or a wish.
Such as Spanish "Ojala que..." which is what I always used on my tests.
Other than that you just have to memorize the endings!

Buena Suerte!
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Thanks for everyone's good wishes!! I'll get the test back, friday?, and then I'll see how I did.
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Good luck!
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