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HELP - Need advice PLEASE

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Sammi - the #1 candidate for Mother of the Year, has become the cat from he**!!
Maybe that's a bit extreme - but she's driving me NUTS!! All babies are fine, fat and laid back - mom wants them relocated to under my bed - I have plastic boxes and cardboard and duct tape, and thought I had it under control, but she has moved them 3x today!
I have even tried putting the entire brood with mom into a soft sided carrier (I don't have a wire crate - the carrier is for a med size dog, and I last used it to get her back and forth from the vet) but that did NOT fair well with her, she picked up one of the kits and was trying to head butt her way out! So I went back to the box, and I just know that when I go back into the bedroom at least one of them will be AWOL!! I have put out 3 other boxes, hoping that she might choose another, but right before I left the room to come type this she was carrying around one of the kits looking for an "in" to under the bed!!
Should I give in and give her an opening?
Help please!!! I am not going to sleep again tonight - I just know it!!
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OK - just as I thought, when I went back in she had taken one of them out, so down came the cardboard and out came the boxes and she wins.
It's too late right now, but guess I'll be vacuuming under there tomorrow.
The other four are still in their box with a hot water bottle - sleeping soundly.
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You might try modifying a cardboard box or two to fit under the bed with a good bit of floor space inside it (like at least a rectangular laundry basket or two's worth of room) and leave a lip on the bottom of the opening (maybe about a foot wide opening?) so the kittens don't roll out, put in clean bedding and maybe move the kittens into it and maybe she will decide that is good enough. Then they will be corralled and you can pull them out to check on them when she's gone (don't get caught ).Just make sure there aren't any torn spots or openings on the underside of your bed, so she can't move them into the boxsprings. If there are, just put a fitted sheet upside down on your bed to cover the holes (been there, done that ) I had a cat who constantly moved her kittens, you have my empathy ! I hope this or someone else's suggestion works and you can get some sleep .
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let her keep them where she is most comfortable with them. She is moving them for a reason.
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I guess you can say she is being a good mom
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If she feels safe under the bed, let her stay there. Cats have different values when it comes to safety than we have, and she has her reasons. I would also recommend you not start vacuuming. It might scare them all, and it sounds like she, and the kittens, are stressed out enough.

When queens start to feel threatened and not safe (and moving them around a lot can do that), that's when they start having behavior problems, abandoning the kittens and sometimes will even end up killing them (which is cat logic, not ours).

Can you simply open up one of the cardboard boxes so the carboard lays flat, cover it with a towel, and slide that under the bed so she has a soft place to lay in a place she is safe?

Once their eyes are open, and they are running around and walking and playing on their own, they will be out from there, and it won't be a problem. But it sounds to me she needs the safety and security of being under there. And vacuuming and messing with her and the babies too much can cause more problems than it's worth.

So I suggest giving her some time to feel safe there and to not handle and mess with her and her nest too much for a few days. Just lay on the floor, watch and enjoy them, and let Mom do her thing the way she needs to do it. When they're a bit older, you'll have more fun with them than you'll even want. LOL

Goiod luck with them.
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Thanks for all the suggestions - at 3:30 this a.m. one of the kits went "exploring" and the incessant crying was driving me nuts!! - I reverted back to the "bathroom" idea, packed everything up and they are now one big happy family staked out in the "loo" - I went in there at 6am to feed Sammi and she was happily feeding everyone in their box, welcomed me and her breakfast!
So for at least the next week or so that's where they'll call "home" -
(Good thing we have 3 bathrooms!!)
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lol I am glad it is working out.
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