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made friends

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I made "friends" with 2 feral cats at work tonight They are resident cats at work -- very beautiful black cat: 1 brother and 1 sister. I guess their are some ladies who feed them, too. I've never been able to pet ferals before! There is another one -- a calico, I guess who doesnt come around to humans much. I was talking to the lady who named them and feeds them, and she said the one must have been scared by some of the huMANs who work there. I wonder if the humane society could come in and get them before the plant closes??? I guess some of the office girls were able to catch the sister/brother and got them fixed so they cant reproduce, which is great. They are very healthy for being outdoors, too -- nice soft coat, etc.

I thought I'd share this, because it made me happy!
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Tigger, that is nice, it shows there ARE still some kind people in the world who are willing to take care of those babies It is good of you and your work collegues to do that!!
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Tigger, When is the plant closing? Do you have another job in mind? I'm glad you got to pet the cats; it is great to win the trust of a feral cat. I hope someone takes them home or to a no-kill shelter.
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It's due to shutdown in June, but rumors are flying that they might push it up. I know that I can be let go anywhere between 5/27 - 6/17! I havent really been looking, because I need a specific date, and right now I haven't gotten it yet. I was thinking of maybe emailing one of the no-kills and see what they cat do for the ferals over there..... Even when I was at the plant that my husband works at, I always worried in the back of my mind that someone would hurt the ferals.

At my middle break, I tried to get the one black cat to come up to me, but he ran off Oh well..... maybe tonight. I thought of buying a bag of food at the grocery store and laying some food down for them like that one lady does.
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Someone like Hissy could probably tell you how to trap them before the plant closes. I hope so. I know you'll sleep better if you can do something.
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You are such a sweetheart for helping them!
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