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when do baby teeth fall out?

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Well, I guess its all in the title! I'm wondering about this, my 6 month old kitten is chewing alot. More so now than he did before, he chews on my sweater buttons and pajama strings...it doesn't seem like hes' playing just looks like a comforting habit he's gotten into. I have a feeling he's getting to the point were he will start loosing the baby ones. I check his mouth and he still has his baby teeth. I guess I'm mostly just curious about it. It would be neat to find one of his baby teeth. My hubby found one of our late kitties teeth (when he was a kitten) and he still has it stowed away someplace Talk about love
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Anywhere from 4-6 months they will begin to lose their baby teeth. They do tend to chew more often and you might want to get a rope toy to help loosen any baby teeth he has. On occation the baby teeth do not fall out and will need to be removed by your vet.
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by 6-7 months they will have their adult teeth. that is how we always determined when to switch the kittens over to adult food at the shelter. When all their baby teeth were gone.
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well, then it should be happening very soon. here's another question...hehee...do adult teeth look big and goofy in cats as they do in kids?
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I never found any of Sleeves' teeth. I'm assuming they fell out though since he's almost 1.
One day he was chewing on Marks jumper and there was a little bit of blood so thats something to look out for.
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Two of mine lost theirs at six months to the day, and the other at six months and one week.

It'll happen any day now!
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One of mine was sitting on me and practially spit it out into my lap! He was about 6 months.
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Napolean lost his when he was about 5 months old. He had them a week prior to being neutered he had two sets of teeth and I was thinking we'd have to take them out but they disappeared before he got neutered.
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The three I had from early kitten hood lost the baby fangs at about 6-7 months. I just noticed that Cookies fangs are growing in pretty big. He is just growing so funny. He has a long tail, huge paws, is sorta skinny and long. I can tell he still has some growth left in him- his head is not completely filled out. Heehee at 9 months he's a kitty adolescent.
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