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my wittle blueberry!

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I recieved two new pics from the breeder of my baby to be. He is sitting in the sun and his colour is just amazing! I'm still thinking of names for him...Blueberry popped into my head as soon as I looked at the picture but I'm not sure if thats something I want to call him all the time...3 syllables is a tad too much ya think?? Well here he is!! OOOhhh, I can't wait to bring him home, I'm sooo excited!

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Oh he's a little beauty And i bet your excited to get him home
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What a handsome man!
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I love the name Blueberry!! You can always shorten it to Blue!
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what a loverly cat
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What a cutie!
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Way too cute! I think Blueberry is a precious name!
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awww...what a handsome boy! ..I have a "Blueberry" too, my big furry girl below.
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Blueberry is a sweet looking darling. Awww.
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He is sooo cute...We like the name Blueberry for him!What is the name of the breed that he is???I have seen these cats before but never knew what their breed name was?
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Kittycitty81, it is the Sphynx breed and I am inlove with them.

thanks for the kind words everyone, I am very excited to meet the little guy and to have him meet my Diego. From what the breeder has told me he is a sucky baby just like Diego, always wanting to be held. I might have to make one of those pouch carriers. Diego is always crawling under my zippered sweater and the band is tight enough to hold his weight inplace. I think if I add another cat under there they'll spill out the bottom!
Well, it looks like the name choice is unanimous over here. Blueberry aka Blue. He totally looks like a Bluebery doesn't he! sho shweet
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he sure is a cutie
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Aww , he's quite handsome. Blueberry is a cute name.
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He's cute. I know someone who breeds Sphynx cats and they are quite a friendly, outgoing breed. I love petting them because they feel like no other cat. They are very velvety. I would guess that it's probably not a good idea to keep them in the hot sun for too long.
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Brandy, there is only a short period of time where there is direct light on that spot and that is when the sun is setting. I don't think he can get a sunburn and as for the warmth, he loves it. During the winter he would sit by the fireplace all the time. At bedtime, under the covers with us, sweatin' like a hog!lol
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