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long vent....

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my mum has two cats that she has had for a long time, whiskers the female cat who is heading for 20 years of age and billy the male who's around 12 years. Usually she pretty good with them, she feeds them and lets them inside when they want.

but not only does she never play with the cats she has this thing she does whenever she moves house that irritates the **** out of me.

most people when moving house catch their cats first (if they have outdoor kitty's) and hang on to them so when it's time to move they can just be put into cages and transported to the new place.....not my mother, she moves everything else first then goes back to get the cats, it took her four days to get princess (whiskers) who's a veteren cat now and it took her nearly two weeks to get billy, she did feed them everyday but whenever id tell her she should get them she'd say 'why don't you try when you get back, it isn't that easy' or 'he likes the old house, i don't think he wants to come with us'......um...WHAT?

he's a cat for crying out loud, it's her responsibility to look after him, plus, while he was at the last house, alone, the potential buyer threw out his food several times, so there was a few nights at least when he had nothing.

my mother doesn't seem to think this has any effect on bill but either way, i still think it's cruel, she almost blames him for not showing up when she goes around to pick him up three days after they have already moved, or she makes out like it's too hard...when it's her fault in the first place.

she finally got him because i pestered her for a week but she's now saying that if he doesn't stay she might have to get rid of him, knowing full well that i will have to take him because of my love for cats...grrrrrrrr

sorry, just had to get that out.
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No I fully understand, and I think you have every right to tell your Mom that what she is doing is wrong Wrong WRONG.
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Originally Posted by Kaleetha
No I fully understand, and I think you have every right to tell your Mom that what she is doing is wrong Wrong WRONG.


it's just so hard because my mum is never wrong and i can tell her something until i'm blue in the face but if she thinks she's in the right which is 99.9% of the time, she won't listen to a word i have to say.

she just doesn't think, last time she moved she tried to carry bill to the new house (only four houses up) but bill is a funny cat, he doesn't like to be held and he scratches and bites if you hold him for too long, she was carrying him in her arms with no towel, rug or anything and what do you know, two houses up he starts to freak out and claw mum who then drops him, bill was so scared he ran in front of a car and nearly got hit

i will take him if i have to, i know he'd rather be with whiskers and mum but i just don't think she looks after him well enough and it worry's me.

whiskers is really old and she's still an outdoor cat, she falls asleep under parked cars and was hit not too long ago, she was dragging both her back legs and was very lucky there was no lasting damage....iv'e tried to convince mum to let me take whiskers but she won't even consider it
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