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My cat hasn't come home!

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I recently moved, and both my cats (Seven and Soda) have been much happier than in my previous place. There's lots of yard space, so I decided to start letting them out, very reluctantly. They were very good about it, and after a week or so I wouldn't even worry about them anymore, because they started to come and go as they pleased. In fact they never even went far, if I wanted them back in the house it would take me seconds to find them.

Two nights ago, it was time to go to bed, and Seven was nowhere to be seen. I looked for a while ang got really worried, but part of me trusted that he wouldn't go far and come back. Soda was very worried, though, and was being very vocal about it, so I decided to leave the door open in case Seven showed up in the middle of the night. Plus, I also wanted to let Soda go out and look for him, which he did with amazing conviction. I kept waking up, worried, but to my relief he showed up around 7 am, and went straight to the food.

I thought that at this point I really have nothing to worry about, and that Seven knows where home is, and where his food is.

So last night, the same thing happenned... it's bed time and Seven isn't around. So I decided to start making some rules: you're either out all night or in by midnight. So I didn't leave the door open this time. When I woke up this morning I went to open the door thinking he'd be there waiting to get in, but nope. In fact, it's already 8:30 pm and he still isn't back. I've taken several rounds around the neighborhood looking for him, but no luck. I'm starting to get really worried. I fear that he might have tried to come back last night, saw the door was closed, felt unwelcome and left.

I don't know what to do, I'm getting very paranoid. I'm thinking about taking another round around 2 am, and leaving the door open tonight. I was hoping to hear some suggestions from you guys. I keep hearing stories about cats leaving for days and coming back. What really scares me is that we've only been living here for a couple of weeks, and that they've only been going outside for that long.

Please, I'll take any advice, I'm desperate to find him.
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I also wanted to mention that there is a cat that spends a lot of time in our backyard. He seems to have declared this as his territory. I noticed he was back there this morning, so it occured to me that maybe he ran Seven off, 'kicking' him out of this area. Can this happen?
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Yes it can. You said you just moved there right. So he could of been there first
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How far can a cat realistically go?
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When you say you recently moved, how recent do you mean? I have heard it recommended to keep a cat indoors for at least 2 weeks or so to get used to the place before beginning to let them back outside again.
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At around 4 am he came back in. I thought I was dreaming, but he's really here. He sure needs a bath!

Thanks for your replies. It's been just about 2 weeks since I moved in here, but they seem to have gotten used to this place remarkably fast. I've been playing it by ear. Last night I sprinkled some of his used litter around the house.... maybe that helped.

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I would never let him out again.
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Well said, Momo!
I don't post to lecture but there are so many horrors waiting for domestic cats out there. We have 37 house cats and just moved to the mountains last year. Just the thought of letting them roam free freaks me out because of all the kids with pellet guns and new cars we know are out there waiting for cats to use as targets (not to mention dogs and bobcats).

So glad this story had a happy ending, thank you for keeping everybody updated!
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So glad he's back
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Hurray for a happy ending!! Thank you for keeping us posted!
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I know what it is like when Skittles got out over month ago and I could not get her back in. There was at the least 12 cats on my porch and I was scared of them all. I am sure they where Ferrel. She hasn't gotten out since, but is pregnant
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