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Needed: Airline travel experience!!

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Help!! I am moving to Hawaii this fall and am exhausted chasing down information regarding the actual act of transporting my two furry girls, Sophie and Lydia. (they are two years old....chosen from our local animal shelter as babes.)

I am terrified of the 'cargo' idea but since I am entering a quarantine state (got my ducks in a row for that part of the move!) I can not take them on board--at least according to information I have so far received.

If anyone has tips from their experience we would be most greatful to hear!!

I am even thinking of professional animal movers even though the cost is nasty. But a safe and somewhat sane passage for the girls would be worth it.

Thank you for your time to read this!
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Why wouldn't you be able to take them on board?
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Thank you both for responding....yes, I have checked with Delta, Northwest, United, and American and none will allow on board for Hawaii. Guess they are afraid of people who would attempt to smuggle animals in.
I failed to mention that we live in the Chicago area so it would be a 9 hour flight (only AA and United offer non-stops to HNL) and probably a 12 hour ordeal with check in and all. My husband and I are considering driving to the west coast and flying from LA to cut that time shorter for them. While the three days on the road will stress them too at least they will be with us!
Also some airlines won't fly them if the temp is higher than 85 at either end of the trip. September (after the 15th by their policies) can heat up and ol' Murphy's law lives well in my life so it will be 101 all month!!
If we leave from LA we might stand a better chance of a lower morn/night temp for a shorter flight. I am contacting Cat Fancier to get their input on carrier services too. Sigh!
Thank you so much for your input!! Any further thoughts are welcome!!!

ps....my vet is saying he will give me tranqs for them but everything I read is no no no. ???
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I had a kitty shipped from California to Oregon via Air Cargo and what I liked best was that the carrier was never left unattended at any moment. If the plane was to be stopped for any length of time the agreement was to take the cat and put her in a cooler location. I would suggest you use this option instead of going baggage claim. Here is a website that might help you.

International Pet Carriers
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Oh, what wonderful people cat owners are!!

Thank you for the help...I will check out the carrier. I like the idea of a personal watcher....Soph will take it as part of her 'staff'. haha

I don't want to take a chance with any kind of tranquilizers. And most of the airlines advise against it. hum....bad experiences??

But again, thank you from my heart for your thoughts and comments.

Hugs and pets to all!
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I don't think there's much to add on the travel tips, everyone did such a good job If you have any questions on the actual requirements, let me know. I have a lot of experience getting people and thier pets to HI and Guam
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Dear Hissy and all,

Thanks for the suggestions but especially for the pet transportation link. I've got a batch of e-mails out to compare estimates. Hopefully we can get something in our budget. I really don't want to spend 6-7 days in a car with my cats (AND a large dog!). Two teenagers and the husband are enough critters to contend with!

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