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Need opinions

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I have been a temporary care home for our local Humane Society for over a year. I have taken in every cat they have offered, had as many as 5 fosters at a time, and kept some cats for as long as 4 months.

Recently, I received a temperamental cat. She bit both my young daughter and I. I called the Humane Society a week ago and told them I could not keep an aggressive cat with 3 children in my home. The cat is currently confined to a room and I don't allow the children to have contact with her.

I am upset with the Humane Society that they have not moved her out of my home. I have not seen any effort of their part to find another home for the cat. Is this standard practice? Am I justified in feeling upset with them?

This is my first post. You really have a great site here.

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I don't have any experience with fosters, but I wanted to welcome you to the board. I know someone will be along shortly who can answer your question.

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I foster for a rescue group, not the humane society, but I would assume that considering the fact there are countless numbers of cats and kittens needing temporary and forever homes, and very few foster homes, they are probably trying to find someone to take her, which is more difficult because most people would feel as you do.

This being kitten season, they are probably very overwhelmed and overworked, and trying their best to keep up with the droves.

I wish more people would be responsible and neuter their pets to avoid these kinds of problems.

However, you might want to call them to inquyire about the status of your request as a gentle nudge.

I doubt it's common practice, and I'm sure they're not just ignoring you, so please don't be angry or give up offering your home to these poor little ones who need us so much.

I'm sure they're just simply trying to do their best in a very difficult job, and considering all the good experiences you've had, one out of all those isn't too bad. Hopefully it will work out soon.
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