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Nutra Selection canned cat food?

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Hi there! Okay, once a month I donate $20 worth of dog food, cat food, toys, etc to the Humane Society. Well, yesterday I saw an ad in a flyer that a pet store was having a huge sale on "Nutra Selection" canned cat food. I feed my cats raw, but I'd like to donate some to the HS, since they are SO cheap! 24 case for $6! That's dirt cheap. Well, I usually donate mid-quality foods like Nutro or AvoDerm to the HS. I don't want to donate stuff like Pedigree or Friskies, even if they are ineed of food. The animals deserve at least mid-quality foods. And I usually donate kibble, since it's so cheap and canned is usually expensive, but they deserve a nice moist and meaty meal once in a while, instead of some cheap grocery brand cardboard. So, can anyone tell me about Nutra Selection? I tried looking for ingredients, but I can't find any on the net. I don't want to drive all the way out there (the store in kind of far) and find out its some new Whiskas. So, anyone know about this food or it's ingredients? Thanks!
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The only Nutra I know of is a high end grocery similiar to say purina one or pro plan... If it is that brand it likely has by products and corn ...
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It's funny that I would find this post...One of my friends just ( I mean in the past 5 minutes) dropped by 3 cans of that food. I looked at the label and sure enough it has both by products and corn.... and one of my favorites Animal Digest..... So which mystery animal guts and waste will we find in this can?,,,,Shellfish Digest too...YUM! . It's out of Canada... when I see Canada and by Products on the same label I back away.

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Although I don't think the information will help - the original post is from 2006. dontknow.gif
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