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A big hello/meow from Brooklyn, NY

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Hello all!
Name/ BiLL
Where/ Brooklyn, NY (Mill Basin, near Kings Plaza)

Former dog kind of guy but since parents died it would be right to keep a dog alone while at work.

Friend recomened I look into adopting (a used/previously owned) cat.

Have been to Petco and NSAL mobile adoption site and feel $100.00 for a used/previously owned cat is too much. I understand that feeding a cat over a unlimited period of time can be costly. I think I will look into ACC, Animal Care and Controll which has animals for adoption, altered and up to date on vaccinations and blood test but does destroy annimals after a period of time. At first this may sound cruel but I think a over extended time in a shelter environment is more detremental to a annimal and adopting from such a place a a more humane act plus they charge 1/2 the price and give a additional discount to people 55 and over!

I am undecided regarding what cat to pick.
1/ I want a 3 to 5 year old cat
2/ I like the Main Coon but am confussed between "domestic tuxedo medium hair" and "Norwegian Forrest cat" both look the same to me.
3/ Do not like cats with too many colors on their nose
4/ I like dense hair but not too long

Any feed back or comments appreciated and may be considered.

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Just curious, you don't want a dog because it would not be right to keep one alone at home while you are at work, but a cat is okay?
Cats are not just about how they look. They have unique personalities and needs including caring owners or guardians.
I am not sure whether you want a cat or something to decorate your house.
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A cat is more able to exist alone during the day than a dog. Do you take your cat with you to work for 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week?

We can't choose our relatives but we can be selective regarding friends and pets.

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I do agree that cats usually can do better being left alone than dogs, but still, they can get lonely and bored, and the same way dogs do, it can cause stress and behavior problems.

If you are out all day, what I would recommend is two cats. They don't have to be walked, and can keep each other company. The amount of work for an additional cat is not that much more, and in many ways it makes it even easier.

As far as what kind of cat would be best, that really depends on a lot of things. All these adoption places have personnel trained in placing just the right pet in the right situation. They will talk to you about your lifestyle, what you expect, the time you have to give, the size of your living space, etc, etc., and they would be the best to let you know the cats available that would be a perfect match. You are never obligated if you don't like the choices, so it's worth looking into.

A word about choosing a pet though ... it's a lot like people. You can spout your idea of what you want in a perfect mate from here until kingdom come, but love has a funny way of totally ignoring what you say you want, and ends up giving you what it turns out you really wanted in the first place.. The same will happen with the kitties. Trust me.

And hello from an ex-Brooklyn Babe (P.S. 203, near Utica and yes, Kings Highway and Reds -- is Reds still there? For me it was many, many years ago.)
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I have not been to RED'S since the subway fare was about $0.50 (now $2.00)but have been there when we needed new folding chairs. They always had the side walk in fron of the store lined with chairs and lounges.

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